quantavolution theory ideas Alfred de Grazia books series chaos and creation


quantavolution theory hypothesis Alfred de GraziaWhat is Quantavolution?

Quantavolution is the phrase created by Alfred de Grazia to explain the idea of sudden and drastic changes to the Earth – to the planet itself, environment, life forms on it, culture – normally brought on by catastrophes. Instead of the idea of uniformitarianism which is very very slow changes.

Quantavolution changes could also apply to our solar system. And perhaps the universe?

Quantavolution – The world has changed mostly by large-scale and abrupt jumps or saltations or quantavolutions from earliest to present times.
Alfred de Grazia

quantavolution theory hypothesis Alfred de Grazia culture dark ages greek catastropheAlfred de Grazia based his ideas and works on catastrophe and catastrophists and especially on the works of Immanuel Velikovsky and French archaeologist Claude Schaeffer.

Big forces could create big changes in a very short period of time. Could Quantavolution explain Darwins Dilema? The sudden appearance and evolution of animals.

What is Quantavolution?

quantavolution theory ideas Alfred de Grazia books series chaos and creation

The original source of the saltatory changes of the earth and man has been in the skies, in disorders among the heavenly bodies. The celestial disturbances wrecked and reconstituted the atmosphere, rocks, and waters of the world. All combined to reorder the plant and animal kingdoms. Finally they created and molded modern humankind.
Alfred de Grazia – Chaos and Creation book

Quantavolution books and free ebooks

quantavolution theory hypothesis Alfred de Grazia books ebooks pdfsFor an introduction to Alfred de Grazia’s Quantavolution ideas you can read his book Chaos and Creation: An introduction to Quantavolution in Human and Natural History.

His Chaos and Creation book is available for free in different formats (html, text, PDF) on the website quantavolution.net or in book form from Amazon.

Many other Alfred de Grazia books including the awesome and mind expanding Gods Fire: Moses and the Management of Exodus are available for free in ebook format or book format from Amazon.

All Alfred de Grazia’s books can be downloaded for free but it can be a bit difficult understand how to do it. You can find more information and simple instructions here.