Worlds in Collision | Immanuel Velikovsky

Worlds in Collision book by Immanuel Velikovsky is the essential Electric Universe theory and comparative mythology book. It is a startling and mind expanding book, or, complete and utter pseudoscience rubbish that has been laughed and mocked by mainstream science and its followers.

There is a free PDF download version of this book.

But … ‘Comet Venus’ was found to be hotter than expected and is the reason we have Global Warming theory … Jupiter did have electrical lightning … its seems that the orbits of the planets in our solar system does go chaotic over time … there does seem to be wandering planets and stars that may cause chaos in our solar system …

It may turn out to be or is believed by a growing number of EU theory followers or Velikovskians, those who should in theory support Velikovsky’s ideas more than other people, that perhaps the smaller details of Velikovsky’s work may not be academically correct. But he will be remembered for the general ideas and mind changing thinking.

The printed book and the ebook versions of Immanuel Velikovsky’s Worlds in Collision are very expensive, especially as the book was published during 1950’s. Because of this there is a free PDF download of Velikovsky’s Worlds in Collision.

Publishers book review of Worlds in Collision

Worlds in Collision is a special, an extraordinary book – not only by its contents, but also by the response it has received.
It is one of the few scientific books of the past centuries that have a direct profound importance for humanity – individuals and society alike. In fact it is a book that puts our present view of the world on a whole new fundament – not in some abstract specialized disciplines remote from practical life, but in a broad range of areas like astronomy, cosmology, physics, geology, paleontology, biology, history, archaeology, literature, ethnology, theology, mythology, psychology; and in addition it has an important influence on the way man sees himself individually and socially.

It is the first time in centuries that a scientist didn’t choose the direct way to his specialized colleagues in order to make the results of his research known, but addressed himself to the general public in a simple and clear language and presentation – for which he was harshly punished by the scientific establishment.

Immanuel Velikovsky’s review of Worlds in Collision

I came upon the idea that traditions and legends and memories of generic origin can be treated in the same way in which we treat in psychoanalysis the early memories of a single individual. I spent ten years on this work. I found that the collective memory of mankind spoke of a series of global catastrophes that occurred in historical times.

I believed that I could even identify the exact times and the very agents of the great upheavals of the more recent past. The conclusions at which I arrived compelled me to cross the frontiers into various fields of science, archaeology, geology, and astronomy.

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