Worlds in Collision free PDF (Immanuel Velikovsky)



Worlds in Collision (free PDF download) by Immanuel Velikovsky was printed in the 1950's. It is an essential starter book for the Electric Universe theory, comparative plasma mythology and New Chronology revisionism.

Read a more detailed review of the ebook or the WiC book investigation.

As the book was first published in 1950 and the author Immanuel Velikovsky died in 1979 it is a shame that the Worlds in Collision Kindle ebook costs over $18 from Amazon.

Follow the instructions below for the free WiC.

You can also buy the paperback version of the book but that only slightly more expensive than the ebook version. Another option is purchasing a used book as they are available for about half the price.

This is free, not a proper edited 'ebook' version, caveat emptor not the smoothest read but it is the inspiration for the modern Thunderbolts EU Theory.

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