Where Moses Stood | Robert Feather

Where Moses Stood by Robert Feather is an investigation into the story, history and chronology of the Jewish tribes during the Biblical Exodus events.

Robert Feather gave an entertaining talk to The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS) which you can see the youtube video below.

The Where Moses Stood book is not based on Immanuel Velikovsky ideas of chronology revision or planetary catastrophe, nor even anything to do with the Electric Universe theory.

Most SIS members seemed to disagree with his dating of the Exodus events and that none of the events were related to ‘Worlds in Collision’ type episodes.

But Robert Feather has some interesting ideas and challenges to accepted theories and the chronology of the whole Moses and Exodus story.

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SIS review of Where Moses Stood talk

Robert Feather talks on ‘Where Moses Stood’, his book describing the route of the Exodus and archaeological evidence. Robert Feather for the location of the mountain where Moses received the Ten Commandments. Being a metallurgist Robert emphasises the role of copper mining in the Sinai desert and how several metal artefacts form important evidence for the presence of Hebrews or Israelites in the area. He explores what he considers the most logical explanations for the Exodus plagues and events, with no reference to astronomical influences.
Robert Feather talks on ‘Where Moses Stood’ – SIS 2015 Autumn Meeting