Immanuel Velikovsky: The Bonds of the Past | CBC Documentary

Free documentary video about and with Velikovsky in person explaining his heretic theories – Immanuel Velikovsky: The Bonds of the Past. A very rare treat, you can hear Velikovsky speak about his Worlds in Collision, Earth in Upheaval, mythology and chronology ideas.

While people who are positive or at least accepting of discussing the heretical ideas – Dr Bill Birenbaum, C J Ransom, Dr David Carlyle – help explain what the whole Velikovsky controversy, The Velikovsky Affair, is all about.

This is an essential free film for those interesting in plasma comparative mythology and the Electric Universe theory.

A revolutionary theory of the universe based on the records of the past has challenged the modern beliefs for more than two decades. Today the unexpected findings of space explorations have confirmed many of the predictions of this theory, but the man who proposed it, Immanuel Velikovsky, is still rejected by established science.

This free youtube version of the film was made by Henry Zemel for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation back in 1972.

Not only was the scientific press carping at him and in a way that was violent. Not in terms of an orderly discussion that this idea is yet to be tested and that it takes more time etc. But saying this idea is crazy and any man who has such an idea is mad, insane, that kind of thing.

But the establishment through which men who think that way make a living, the academic establishment, were saying to this man, you’re not safe. In the case of Velikovsky, there is something hard and the cost of being himself has been very very great.

… The problem is this condition, the extreme professionalisation and rigidification of institutions through which thought is supposed to occur. Extreme to the point where it begins to contaminate the fluidity and looseness the freedom of the thing. the fluidity and looseness of ideas, of having ideas and the freedom to think.

And Velikovsky was not really taken on by the establishment simply because of what he was saying, he was also taken on by the establishment, in my opinion, because of his audacity in having such thoughts.
Dr William Birenbaum, President of Staten Island Community College

There are other free versions of movie including some more on youtube. Also a very different free version format of Velikovsky: The Bonds of the Past, very low quality and in sections, kindly created and hosted by the Velikovsky Archive.

Velikovsky: The Bonds of the Past

Immanuel Velikovsky in his own words, are part of the introduction.

The belief that we are living in an orderly universe, that nothing happened to this Earth and the other planets since the beginning, that nothing will happen till the end, is a wishful thinking that fills the text books and your text books are still of Victorian vintage.

Is any physicist here who would stand up and defend the proposition that only gravitation and inertia are in action in the solar system? But of all my heresies this was the greatest.

And let me ask you another question. Is a theory of Unitarianism, which means that nothing what happens but happened in the past could have happened if it does not happen today, and this has built the modern geology and this has built the modern astronomy and this has built the modern biology and theory of evolution.

And so it is only wishful thinking that we are living in the safe, never perturbed solar system, and the safe, never perturbed Earth.