Cosmos Without Gravitation: Attraction, repulsion and electromagnetic circumduction in the solar system | Immanuel Velikovsky


Cosmos Without Gravitation: Attraction, repulsion and electromagnetic circumduction in the solar system by Immanuel Velikovsky (free PDF) was written in 1946 and suggests that it might be electric based gravity, not Gravity cosmology. Peer reviewed and funded science still does not know what gravity itself actually is. Velikovsky was certainly not the first to suggest an electrical origin for gravitational forces. This work was part of his Worlds In Collision series.

Wallace Thornhill was especially inspired by these Velikovskian ideas and a personal chat with the scientific heretic himself, to eventually propose the theory of a universe powered and structured on plasma and electricity. Thornhill’s own attempts to explain the mystery of gravity uses an atomic electric dipole effect.

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Wal Thornhill’s Electric Gravity mechanics allowed David Talbott’s Saturn Myth to be a possible physical alternative cosmology for our solar system. This comparative plasma mythology led to the Thunderbolts Project Saturn’s Polar Configurations and the Electric Universe theory.

This Velikovsky synopsis was not publicly published but was sent to a select few academics and institutes.

Introduction to Cosmos Without Gravitation

THE FUNDAMENTAL theory of this paper is: Gravitation is an electromagnetic phenomenon.

There is no primary motion inherent in planets and satellites. Electric attraction, repulsion, and electromagnetic circumduction govern their movements. The moon does not “fall,” attracted to the earth from an assumed inertial motion along a straight line, nor is the phenomenon of objects falling in the terrestrial atmosphere comparable with the “falling effect” in the movement of the moon, a conjecture which is the basic element of the Newtonian theory of gravitation.

Aside from several important facts discovered in the study of cosmic upheavals, which are not illuminated here and only enumerated at the end of this paper, and which are discussed at length in a work of research entitled Worlds In Collision now being prepared for publication, the following facts are incompatible with the theory of gravitation …

The theory of the Cosmos without Gravitation given here in synopsis is written also in a comprehensive form (1941-43). I arrived at this concept early in 1941 as a result of my research in the history of cosmic upheavals as they affected the earth and other members of the solar system.

A number of facts proved to me that the sun, the earth and other planets, the satellites, and the comets, are charged bodies, that the planets and their satellites have changed their orbits repeatedly and radically, and that gravitational attraction or the weight of objects has changed during human history. I thus recognized the fact that not gravitation, but electric attraction and repulsion and electromagnetic circumduction govern the solar system.

In construction the electromagnetic theory of the solar system, I am indebted to Miss Shulamith Velikovsky for valuable suggestions on the dipole explanation of attraction between the atoms and the dipole concept of inertia.

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