Radar observations of 8P/Tuttle: A contact-binary comet | Harmon et al


Radar observations of 8P/Tuttle: A contact-binary comet is a free PDF from 2009 researching the shape of Tuttle and also its large grain size.

Quote from the research paper

Arecibo radar imagery of Comet 8P/Tuttle reveals a 10-km-long nucleus with a highly bifurcated shape consistent with a contact binary. A separate echo component was also detected from large (>cm-size), slow-moving grains of the type expected to contribute to the Ursid meteor stream.

The new Tuttle imagery is especially interesting as it has revealed a strongly bifurcated nucleus consistent with a contact binary. We also identified a separate echo component from large grains in the inner coma, which confirms Tuttle as a source of slow-moving debris.

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