Thunderbolts of the Gods (free documentary) | Wal Thornhill & Dave Talbott

Thunderbolts of the Gods free full length video by Wallace Thornhill and David Talbott Thunderbolts Project is an amazing introduction to their Electric Universe theory, where the universal forces of electromagnetic plasma and a remarkably similar world wide mythology have combined to create their Immanuel Velikovsky inspired cosmology without the Constant of Gravity.

99% of our observed galaxies and universe is formed of space plasma (electrified gas). Plasma based cosmologies offer alternative explanations for what you can see and understand. Our ancestors took the time and effort to create puzzling rock art including petroglyphs that show similar strange figures witnessed by ancient civilisations, plasma discharges in the skies and heavens?

Publishers review of Thunderbolts of the Gods

Talbott and Thornhill claim that cosmic upheaval occurred so recently as to have profoundly affected early human cultures, provoking “incomprehensible” myths, symbols, and commemorative practices. Through a synthesis of ancient testimony, high-energy plasma experiments, and space age discoveries, the authors bring the ancient world to life.
Thunderbolts of the Gods review from Thunderbolts

Thunderbolts of the Gods book and DVD

You can buy a Thunderbolts of the Gods book and even the Thunderbolts of the Gods DVD of the free video if you want to own them and don’t want to stream the film.

Click on the link to view the free PDF sample of Thunderbolts of the Gods book Introduction and Chapter 1