The Universe Electric ebook: Comets | Wallace Thornhill & Dave Talbott

The Universe Electric – Comets is an ebook (PDF) by Wallace Thornhill and Dave Talbott looks into the Electric Universe theory view of comets. Are active asteroids what science calls comets but EU theory suggests are same thing but electrically active?

Does what these Thunderbolts Project members say compare to comet findings and missions such as to Comet 67P and other comets and asteroids?

Publishers review of The Universe Electric – Comets

Popular comet theory has never worked. The idea that comets are “dirty snowballs” or “icy dirtballs” evaporating in the warmth of the Sun has been challenged by volumes of space age observation … The new view places the emphasis on the electrical behavior of comets, in a dynamic relationship with an Electric Sun
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Yet a new understanding of comets is gaining increasing recognition, and this view has demonstrated a predictive ability far beyond that of the “standard” model. In fact, it has succeeded precisely where the standard model failed.
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