The Universe A Vast Electric Organism (free ePub) | George W Warder


The Universe A Vast Electric Organism free ePub ebook was printed around 1903 by George W Warder. The author explains his views on how electricity rules the universe and is life itself. George W Warder connects everything with the Christian God or Deity as he likes to refer to him.

The Universe A Vast Electric Organism is written in the amazing old style or oratory grander, flowery descriptive language and good old fashioned fire and brimstone. If Geo W Warder does not like something or someone he lets fly with both barrels.

A lot of it (most?) is very old in its thinking, most of it seems to now be wrong – but considering that he views it as an Electric Universe back then shows how backwards are current scientific thinking and theories might have become – if you follow the EU theory that is.

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