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David Talbott’s Saturn Myth Thesis: Was a Polar Configuration, electrical in nature, once witnessed around the world? Can its existence be proven on rational and scientific grounds?

Great quality free ebook explaining the Catastrophism theories that eventually became the mythology and plasma cosmology canon of the modern Thunderbolts Electric Universe theory.

The Saturn Myth book by David N Talbott is his 1970’s/1980’s thesis that combined with a specific version of Plasma Cosmology created the modern Thunderbolts Electric Universe cosmology and mythology theory. This is a free PDF of the no longer published and very rare book. In it Talbott starts to explore and explain his planetary polar configurations and plasma catastrophisms. David wants you to download his Saturn Thesis and just read a bit to consider it. Dave is not asking for anything in return.

A Polar Configuration?: No one is asked to believe anything about planets.

The fundamental claim to be investigated first is well established and agreed upon: Was a Polar Configuration, electrical in nature, once witnessed around the world? Can its existence be proven on rational and scientific grounds?
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Immanuel Velikovsky even gave his own book review (link to review at bottom of the page) of Dave’s early Saturnian Cosmology. Also quoted below are a couple of readers constructive reviews from Amazon.

The Saturn Myth free ebook PDF David N Talbott

Talbott’s Polar Saturn Thesis states:

Accounts of Saturn’s appearance suggest that the planet hung ominously close to the earth. In early ritual and astronomy Saturn appears as the primeval sun, described as a figure of terrifying splendour. Today, Saturn appears as a bare speck of light following the same visual path as the solar orb.

But during the legendary Golden Age, Saturn stood in the north. Legends from every continent depict the primeval sun as an immense, fiery globe at the north celestial pole – the visual pivot of the heavens. Unlike the rising and setting solar orb, the primeval sun remained fixed in one place.

If, as is almost universally believed, the heavens have undergone no major changes in astronomically recent times, then the myth – however meticulously developed – can only be a fabrication, produced through the purest disregard for actual observation and experience.
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The Saturn Myth David Talbott

The eventual Thunderbolts Project was one person not knocking on a door to never happening.

The Saturn Myth Thesis David N Talbott

There was no conceivable model or mechanisms, even on the outermost fringes of the pseudosciences, that could have planet Earth in a very recent Saturn system. Yet. But these mythological events seemed to be recorded around the whole world? Knock, knock.

Obviously Wikipedia rates it as pseudoscience but it does provide a great review and summary of the authors main proposals, thanks Wiki!

The book examines similar tales in comparative mythology and states that thousands of years ago, Earth was a former satellite of Saturn, and that a vastly different solar system alignment existed. This proto-Saturn, devoid of its current rings, was much closer to the sun.

According to the author, a major cataclysm disfigured the previous planetary configuration and unleashed major chaos on a formerly advanced human civilization.

This astronomical catastrophe ended a previous Golden Age in which humans, previously living in an advanced civilization, witnessed drastic changes in their sky.

Survivors of this cataclysm later retold this story to their descendants in the form of religious archetypes, which represents planetary bodies.
The Saturn Myth | Wikipedia

The full title is The Saturn Myth: A Reinterpretation of Rites and Symbols Illuminating Some of the Dark Corners of Primordial Society.

David Talbott’s solar system reconfiguration is based on Immanuel Velikovsky’s mythology and chronology works including Worlds In Collision (free PDF download). Also an Electric plasma Universe based on Wallace Thornhill’s theories (lots of others in that mix). It is also a plasma based cosmology but not Anthony Peratt’s Plasma Universe.

Thunderbolts EU is basically a plasma based cosmology with the Saturn Polar Configuration.

If you are into the EU theory then this is another essential read because this is what EUT is founded on.

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Amazon readers reviews

This is not a quick read nor particularly well-written but it is a well-documented and an immensely powerful argument for the early gods of pre-history being cosmic entities that were in fact the planets. The world mountain, the cosmic tree and other mythological aspects are explained in scientific terms.

Is Talbott correct? I am fairly sure he’s on to something important. I know I can never view traditional astronomy or even the present concept of religion in the same light after spending time with this book. Too bad it’s out of print but my library got me a copy.
Origins of religion convincingly explained

It has proved interesting but very hard reading. There is a lot of interesting research on the various Myths around the World concerning the ancient Gods and ancient events. For this research I give the book 3 stars.

The author however should learn that repeated assertion does not make a good argument! The main problem is the identification of Saturn with almost everything!

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Immanuel Velikovsky’s book review of Dave’s proto Saturn Mythology

Immanuel Velikovsky read Talbott’s proto Saturnian Configuration Myth, then wrote a letter to Dave.

January 29,1975

Dear Dave:

As soon as I received your typescript sent to me by Steve, I read it, spending most of the day to do so.

… Your work consists of three theses. The first deals with the worship of some deity located in the North. You cull from many references in the existing literature. I admit to not having paid much attention to this fascination with the North and to me, if I would have been asked what it is about, I would have referred to the short section ‘Tao’ in C.

… The physical model of what you suggest escapes me. If somebody, possibly Juergens, comes with a model, I would like to be told. In the solar system, neither the case of Uranus with its axis in the plane of the ecliptic (nearly so) – but not pointing toward the sun, not the case of the Moon with the same face towards the Earth, are fitting models for what you suggest. Whether a satellite could steadily point with its coinciding geographical and magnetic poles towards a magnetic pole of a primary is not probable but this is the only remote possibility of a model that I would envisage.

… Your removal of the Sun from any role in mythology goes, in my view, a little too far. It is true that in late antiquity and especiallly since Macrobius almost all mythology was made to represent the Sun, a vogue very much in mode at the beginning of the 19th century (Goethe’s time) but also later – see my references in the first chapter of Oedipus and Akhnaton; but if there was a Day Sun besides a Night Sun, it could not escape having some role in mythology.

… The idea of Saturn as a Night Sun is yours and I have no part in it. However, at various occasions, also at Symposia and lectures, I disclosed more about Saturn than you credit me in the first paragraph of your work the footnote to which is deleted. I have many times referred to my unpublished book, Saturn and the Flood, identifying Saturn as the cause of the Universal Flood.

… I wrote, as I see, again at a greater length than I intended, but I think I did not waste typewriter’s ink. No question, you have the fire that is a precondition of great discoveries. And you have also the ability to write persuasively building your case with a mounting suspense: but a discovery of a new land in the distance and a mirage can convey similar sensations. Nevertheless, what counts is that you rose in my eyes as a courageous and infatigable thinker, a dedicated hunter after source material, and this independent of whether there is truth in your theses. I wish you luck.

With friendly feelings,
Im. Velikovsky

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How to read David N Talbott’s The Saturn Myth for free

Talbott’s book is now rare and so any used copy is very expensive. Be careful if you do decide to purchase the paper book off Amazon as there seems to be a number of people selling printouts of the free PDF and charging $100’s for them!

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