The Reversing Earth | Peter Warlow

The Reversing Earth book by Peter Warlow using the Tippe Toppe toy, a self inverting spinning top, he shows that “Interestingly the angular rotation (direction of spin) is maintained even when the object inverts.”

What ever you do after watching the spinning planet (magnetic filed flips, geomagnetic jerks, excursions) is read the flipping Caveat at the bottom.

The Tippe Top toy showing possible mechanics of how our planet could continue its spinning direction from an external view point (keep rotating from a right to a left) but geographically swap its north pole to south pole.

It can reverse the apparent spin to human observers living on the balls surface.

In effect the Sun, new stars and unfamiliar constellations would now rise and set in opposite horizons. New heroes, scions, having warred and conquered previous but now banished and locked away Gods.

This is a fascinating spinning top with an interesting behaviour. The ‘Tippe Top’ inverts itself when spinning at sufficient speed. It does this because its centre of mass does not coincide with the geometrical centre of sphere. This means that when spinning the bulbous top slides over the surface on which it is spinning and this friction and motion causes enough force to ‘drive’ the spinning top up and over until it is spinning on the stalk. Once on the stalk there are far less sliding forces and the top can now spin stably until it no longer has enough energy to sustain its speed and spin.
Tippe Top – The Spinning Top that flips itself over when it is spun! | YouTube

You can do this on your table or a round tray on the floor in your lounge. Watch those planetary like worlds spin and bloody quickly, catastrophically flip.

Previously the idea of a reversed Earth was plausible in theory but why might there be mentions or interpretations of them from events in our history? Even to ardent Velikovsky followers it seemed practically implausible. But this mechanism gives it legs.

Combine it with academic physic theories of electron spin flips – models and experiments of partial electron spin ups – and a plasma cosmology idea of scalable structures and forces. Warlow’s radical construct, which does happen before your eyes, might not just have legs but arms, eyes and ears.

Earth reversing explanation video

The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies have a half hour video presentation and explanation of Peter Warlow’s theories (talk by Barry Curnock and filmed by Chris Phillips YouTube).

Barry Curnock delivers a spectacular demonstration of the Tippe-Top theory, put forward by Peter Warlow. Peter used his scientific and mathematical expertise to theorise a possible explanation for ancient records of the sun reversing or ‘standing still’.

The non-symmetrical nature of our globe mirrors the Tippe-Top and, it is assumed, its unstable orbit in close proximity to another planetary body. Interestingly the angular rotation (direction of spin) is maintained even when the object inverts. As part of the David Salkeld commemoration in Sept 2013, we hear the gravity-based principle, followed by questions from the audience. Read:
Peter Warlow’s Tippe-Top theory| Society for Interdisciplinary Studies

Is this enough observable evidence that this process is viable?

When Peter did a live demonstration of tippe toppe Earth at a previous Society for Interdisciplinary Studies conference (SIS). I think he also used some gyroscope constructions. When applying resistance at different points interesting things happen to rotations, spins, distant not so constant sunrise landscape markers, the orientating of your ancient solar megalithic observatories.

The Reversing Earth book Peter Warlow

The author writes his investigation in a simple but detailed way, with lots of historical or mythical evidence quoted and referenced. Tales of the Sun staying still in the heavens, unbelievable folklore of full days or nights of impossible non stop sunshine or darkness.

The Reversing Earth applies Electric Universe theory and Immanuel Velikovsky ideas to what seems an impossible event. Warlow uses simple spinning top toys that inverts to show how planets could physically reverse direction of rotation (Earth pole locations reversed) without actually stopping and swapping direction of its spin when externally viewed.

Or something like that. You have to read the book for it to make so much sense.

Does Peter Warlow’s mechanism apply to geomagnetic pole reversals of the Earths poles? Would magnetic North/South change with the location of the surface? Would it have its own location, fields of field, and the space objects rotate.

Readers review on Amazon of The Reversing Earth book

Those of you familiar with the ongoing debate started by Immanuel Velikovsky’s “Worlds in Collision” in 1950 should read this book. Warlow provides a simple way to turn the planet upside-down and in so doing reconciles apparently contradictory accounts from peoples all around the globe. The question of did the planet turn over and how has been answered by Warlow. For the why, read Velikovsky and keep an open mind.
Amazon readers review

This EU theory book is an essential read for any person interested in Thunderbolts EUT.


But remember that when Warlow is explaining how it works and looks from an ancient homo sapien that he refers to looking down from the North pole to the Equator, not up the other way.

Again, because if you ever ever read this book you must remember, that the human figure, man in the Warlow World point of view, is not looking North from anywhere near the Equatorial zones.

Where your viewpoint is from on the surface of Earth can create some confusion. The total mainstream denial of this possibility in the timeframes with still just theoretical electromagnetic catastrophes – is understandable. You have to knock the Knock Out the Champion to Usurp his crown, capture his belts.

If you can do:
– non critical constructs of someone elses theory
– spin your own tippe toppes
– purchase a globe that spins on different axis or you hand held globe you can twist (Cricket Googly, wrist spin)

Peters physical mechanics could work for a Warlows Reversing Earth but do you think you and your friends and families could live through the Warlows flipping world?

Sun and stars quickly changing back their paths through the sky or a planet Earth reversal?