The Iron Age Of Mars


The Iron Age Of Mars: Speculations On A Quantavolution And Catastrophe In The Greater Mediterranean Region by Alfred de Grazia who explores further the ideas and impact of Quantavolution on the planet Earth and all life forms on it.

The Iron Age Of Mars is when the God King planet Mars ruled our sky and brought in the Dark Ages.

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Publishers review of The Iron Age Of Mars

In this new and astonishing book de Grazia discloses and analyzes the sudden, shattering and wholesale changes that rooted out the advanced cultures of the Bronze Age, ruined hundreds of towns and reduced drastically their population. There began the terrible Iron Age which only after centuries settled into the Classical Age and the Roman empire. The author details over fifty cases of the destruction and reconstruction, such as Troy, Athens, Thebes, Rome, Volsinium, Mycenae, Crete and Cyprus, Syria and Palestine, and ranges from the Caspian Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. Some of earth's worldwide deposits of meteoritic iron are attributed to falls from planet Mars. Altogether we are given a startling prortait of planet-god Mars and his doppelgaengers as the leading malefactors of the age.

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