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The Iron Age Of Mars: Speculations On A Quantavolution And Catastrophe In The Greater Mediterranean Region (free ebook) by author Alfred de Grazia - explores further the ideas and impact of Quantavolution on the planet Earth and all life forms on it.

The Iron Age Of Mars is about when the God King planet Mars ruled our sky and brought in the Dark Ages and then the civilisations that quickly appeared from the ashes of the previous ones - as shown by little strata difference between them.

This book is amazing and so is the fact it is a free PDF.

Publishers review of The Iron Age Of Mars book

In this new and astonishing work, Alfred de Grazia discloses and analyzes the sudden, shattering and wholesale changes that rooted out the wonderful cultures at the end of the Bronze Age, ruined thousands of towns and reduced drastically their populations.

There followed the terrible Iron Age, which only after centuries finally settled into the Classical Age and the Roman Empire. De Grazia details over fifty cases, some in considerable detail, of the destruction and recreation of famous places such as Troy, Athens, Thebes, Rome, Volsinium, Mycenae, Crete as well as Cyprus, Syria, Palestine, and ranges from the Caspian Sea to the Atlantic Ocean.

He presents a startling portrait of the Planet-God Mars as the leading malefactor of the Age, with all its doppelgangers in various cultures.

Were the different metal ages due to the rapid deposition of rocky ore from the heavens, from the planet Gods?

Comparative plasma mythology can suggest that something like this happened. On what scale and who did what will always be endlessly debated. Even if a fraction of our ancient Doomsday folklore and images are true then it must have been phenomenal.

Printed book version of the The Iron Age Of Mars.

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