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Grazia explores further his ideas of the impacts of explosive evolutionary episodes to planet Earth and all the life forms and their skill sets, including what it meant to be an electromagnetic human.

This time Grazia reveals The Iron Age Of Mars when it was the turn for that God King planet to rule our sky. During it’s war in the heavens Mars brought in Dark Ages but did it also cast down the sudden Iron ore Age?

The Iron Age Of Mars: Speculations On A Quantavolution is a free PDF by author Alfred de Grazia where he explores further his ideas of the impacts of explosive evolutionary episodes to planet Earth and all the life forms and their skill sets. This time Grazia reveals The Iron Age Of Mars when it was the turn for that God King planet to rule our sky and the heavens and Mars brought in Dark Ages.

Then the civilisations rapidly appeared from the ashes, as shown by strata and technology evidence amongst the multiple catastropic layers. But did the planets also provide the metal ages, especially the sudden appearance of the myths of the Iron Age and metal ore from heaven?

Why would a brisk iron industry spring up around the world just when the highly developed, and in some ways ecumenical, old civilization, with its many thriving industries, collapses? The entrance upon the world stage of a new kind of work-material, intimately tied to the collapse, might help resolve this contradiction. Such was iron.

Of 86 known metals, ancient civilizations knew only seven, and their earliest use is conventionally set at:
1) Gold 6000 BC
2) Copper 4200 BC
3) Silver 4000 BC
4) Lead 3500 BC
5) Tin 1750 BC
6) Iron 1500 BC
7) Mercury 750 BC
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The Iron Age Of Mars Alfred de Grazia Quantavolution

This book is fantastic if basically into anything other than Peer reviewed science. But if you are into considering intellectual, scientific alternative ideas, earth and especially the human sciences, possible constructs out there, then Grazia may just be your man.

The year -700 may be considered as the beginning of the Iron Age in Egypt is a statement often made. It is also asserted that the earliest smelting in Egypt (at Naucratis) dates from the Sixth Century.

Iron has had more contradictory statements made about it than any other metal. We are forced to notice that Ramses II and Nebuchadnezzar (Hattusilis) engaged in correspondence in which Ramses sought iron of better quality than was being made available to him from Egyptian mines and ovens that were being worked by Greeks. This would put the famous kings well into the Iron Age.

There would have been no Greek iron-workers anywhere, much less in Egypt, if conventional dating several centuries earlier were applied to these kings. In another place, Velikovsky surveys Egypt’s Bronze Age dynasties and concludes that it was not because of lack of skill that iron was not utilized to a greater extent.

He calls our attention to the fine work that was done to cut and carve granite, basalt and diorite, which must have required the equivalent of excellent steel tools. But there is a mystery as to the provenance of these tools, and certainly little iron was used generally until the Iron Age.
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But perhaps one of Alfred de Grazia’s best of his many gifts to humanity, in a life lived and explored to the maximum, his thoughts on how humanity and lifeforms can rapidly progress in great leaps and bounds. Explosive electromagnetic evolutions and Quantavolutions?

Publishers review of The Iron Age Of Mars book

In this new and astonishing work, Alfred de Grazia discloses and analyzes the sudden, shattering and wholesale changes that rooted out the wonderful cultures at the end of the Bronze Age, ruined thousands of towns and reduced drastically their populations.

There followed the terrible Iron Age, which only after centuries finally settled into the Classical Age and the Roman Empire. De Grazia details over fifty cases, some in considerable detail, of the destruction and recreation of famous places such as Troy, Athens, Thebes, Rome, Volsinium, Mycenae, Crete as well as Cyprus, Syria, Palestine, and ranges from the Caspian Sea to the Atlantic Ocean.

He presents a startling portrait of the Planet-God Mars as the leading malefactor of the Age, with all its doppelgangers in various cultures.

Alfred de Gratis

Be warned for those considering phone storage or data costs, it is a very large free ebook, an electronically hefty PDF tome with over 600 pages. Were the different metal ages due to the rapid deposition of rocky ore from the heavens, from the planet Gods? Much like Grazia’s ideas and views of what might have happened in our past and history.

The Iron Age Of Mars Alfred de Grazia Quantavolution

Comparative plasma mythology can suggest that something like this happened. On what scale and who did what will always be endlessly debated. Even if a fraction of our ancient Doomsday folklore and images are true then it must have been phenomenal.

Alfred de Grazia along the way explores and explains these Quantavolution impacts on people, their mental states, thinking, technological advances, all around the globe.

When a quantavolution occurs, the phenomena of air, water, earth, and forms of being change sharply. Logically, then, every science is concerned with quantavolutions, past and future. Every sphere of being is affected, so we can say that Q is holospheric.

In the Krakatoan case, it seems likely that every sphere of existence was affected, although not conveyed in the list. For instance, were languages spoken, read, written, and verbalized differently afterwards, and if so, where and how much?

Languages are highly vulnerable to physical and mental changes. Too every language is loaded with ancient words of disaster and electricity and punishing gods. A study by Hugh Crosthwaite tells us that about 15% of the words of ancient Hebrew, Latin, Greek, and Egyptian were connected in some fashion with electricity.
The Iron Age of Mars | Alfred de Grazia quote

The Iron Age Of Mars Alfred de Grazia Quantavolution

There is a Metron printed book on Amazon of the The Iron Age Of Mars.

If you want to perhaps discover some alternative ways of looking at the plasma universe, and you are into any topic similar to comparative mythology, electric geology, cosmology theories, Immanuel Velikovsky inspired catastrophism, Plasma Cosmology, The Saturn Myth, God King Scenario, Thunderbolts Electric Universe theory, then you can download all of Alfred de Grazia’s Quantavolution books for free. Alfred de Gratis! What a Legend.

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