The Electric Sky | Don Scott

The Electric Sky book and ebook by Donald E Scott. The Electrical Engineer investigates and explains our skies phenomena through space plasma.

Written before NASA’s announcement that it is a magnetic universe. Great introduction to the ideas of plasma based cosmology and the space side of EU theory.

How does it now stand up to modern data and theories? We have observed many filaments, plasmoids, electricity? But are we bathed in an electric sun?

Electric Sky and Sun?

Dr Don Scott is one of the founders of Thunderbolts and Electric Universe theory.

The main controversial idea is of an electric sun. Powered externally through things such as electromagnetic plasma in various structures that can be scaled up and down and observed. The SAFIRE project is conducting experiments on electrical plasmas and investigating if they could be electric stars.

Essential reading for those interested in the Electric Universe or those trying to debunk it and prove it is wrong.

The Electric Sky book review on Thunderbolts

The book contains sensible science for the experts. It is also an exceptional primer for general readers, highlighting the latest developments in plasma science and astronomy.

Dr Scott offers new perspectives on quasars, galaxies, and gamma ray bursters. Of special interest to many will be his explanation of the solar magnetic polarity reversal, something that has long baffled solar physicists.
The Electric Sky review and purchase from Thunderbolts

The printed book costs $25 + shipping & taxes (postage & packing) when bought direct from Thunderbolts.

The Electric Sky books on Amazon are about the same total price and it gets rave reviews and good comments.

Also available as an Ebook, which at the moment makes it a bit of an EUT rarity. But more download titles with instant reading are becoming available.