The Divine Succession: A Science of Gods Old and New | Alfred de Grazia


The Divine Succession: A Science of Gods Old and New by Alfred de Grazia is an exploration of religion, ancient mythology, gods and humans. It is based on Grazi’s own Quantavolution theories and loosely based on Immanuel Velikovsky ideas and books, and some ideas that would form the basis of the Electric Universe theory.

The Divine Succession is full of theories and investigations of plasma mythology and the minds of man throughout the times.

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Quote from the Divine Succession book

The earliest gods took shape as the Sky and Earth. There developed next a more definitely formed solar god of the Sky. A change in nature was responsible for the change in divine forms. Logically, and in accord with most evidence of what was manifest, the primordial welkin was densely packed, without brilliant separated lights, until the sky was broken up and these appeared. The great god would have come first in his solar (or planetary) form if the sky had been penetrable.

Until nearly 2700 years ago the skies were periodically invested with changing forms, and much of this turbulence was impacting upon the Earth physically, as well as upon the minds of humans. The scene was conducive to polytheism. Divine presences of all types might be discerned. Yet there was usually a great god, a father of gods, an Ouranos, a Kronos or a Zeus.

We infer from this fact that such beings were at some time most impressive features of the sky and, when they were not, were scalding memories, which had so dominated the human setting that no successor, no matter how prominently active could match what its “ancestor” or “father” had achieved.