The Age of Velikovsky: A guide to Worlds in Collision and Ages in Chaos | C. J. Ransom


The Age of Velikovsky book by C J Ransom is a review and guide to the Immanuel Velikovsky controversy caused by Velikovsky’s books – Worlds in Collision and the chronology revisionism series of books Ages in Chaos. Theres is a free ebook version available from

CJ Ransom has been involved from the start of what has turned into the Electric Universe theory, with his expertise in plasma comparative mythology and practical electric geology laboratory experiments in the Vemasat Laboratories, including creating Martian Blueberries.

Preface of The Age of Velikovsky book

In the 1940’s, Dr Immanuel Velikovsky developed a unique model for the recent history of the solar system. His ideas were eventually presented in the form of a cosmological reconstruction titled Worlds in Collision. The most familiar aspect of this work dealt with close encounters of some of the planets (i.e., Venus, the Earth, and Mars) in historical times.

Velikovsky also challenged the chronology used for certain historical periods (i.e., the period from the fall of the Egyptian Middle Kingdom to the time of Alexander the Great’s successor in Egypt, Ptolemy I) which he viewed as being Ages in Chaos.

Since these ideas were first presented, considerable evidence has accumulated which supports both the historical reconstruction and the possibility that the proposed physical interactions did occur. Many discoveries of the Space Age were anticipated by Velikovsky’s theory. But more important, whether or not these discoveries were anticipated, these and other space probe data fit exceedingly well with the model he proposed. Also important is the fact that many of these discoveries were not anticipated by conventional thinking of the late forties and early fifties. In fact, in some cases, the opposite of what was expected was found.

In addition to not having been expected, some of these data require strained ad hoc hypotheses for explanations under accepted theory. In light of the historical and physical evidence, it seems that it would be in the best interest of the scholarly community to consider Velikovsky’s suggestions as a reasonable alternative to the opinions presently taught about the history of the Earth.

Unfortunately, many scholars have not investigated Velikovsky’s theory properly because they have been told the ideas are unreasonable. Obviously, everyone cannot take the time to study in detail every new idea that is postulated, so even scientists often must rely on the word of others.

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