Stars in an Electric Universe | Wallace Thornhill


Stars in an Electric Universe by Wallace Thornhill in 2011 explains Electric Universe theory models about Electric Stars and our Electric Sun.

The investigation into Electric Stars continues today with the SAFIRE Project. This is a free PDF version from one of the founders of EU theory, Wallace W Thornhill.

Quote from Stars in an Electric Universe

There is nothing more powerful than a paradigm. When viewed through the lens of the standard gravitational and magnetohydrodynamic paradigm the Sun blinds us with paradoxes. Meanwhile models based on the electrodynamic behavior of plasma are ignored.

The Nobel prizewinning plasma physicist, Hannes Alfvén, was a pioneer in this new plasma cosmology. Two recent discoveries stand out in relation to Alfvén’s predictions so that ultimately he cannot be ignored. The first concerns the birth of stars and the second the electric circuit of the Sun. The Electric Universe extends plasma cosmology and views all stars as an electric discharge phenomenon.

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