Soupdragon’s short EU and Plasma introduction videos

A great introduction or beginners guide to the main Electric Universe theory (EU theory) and Plasma Cosmology subjects and also the history of some of its most famous proponents are the free Electric Universe videos by soupdragon42 on youtube.

These videos have no speech but are text only, they also have great graphics and good music.

These are short introductions (no longer than 10 minutes) to EU theory topics such as:
Cometary Tails of the Unexpected
The Big Bang from a Plasma Perspective
Nikola Tesla and The Electric Universe
The Numbers Game – Empirical Science vis-à-vis Mathematics

If you want start learning about the plasma universe then these are a perfect starters guide. Even if you have been following the EU theory for a while these have great insights and explanations of some things you may not have considered.