The World Axis as an Atmospheric Phenomenon | Marinus Anthony van der Sluijs

The World Axis as an Atmospheric Phenomenon book by Marinus Anthony van der Sluijs. Investigating and explaining ancient plasma phenomena witnessed in our skies and recorded in rock art and folklore.

Rens is one of the worlds few experts on Electric Universe theory mythology and especially plasma mythology – you can read more of his work on his website mythopedia and his Thunderbolts mythology articles.

Printed book version through Lulu.

When I originally bought the book a few years ago it was a much briefer version, so I can not comment on what it is now like as it appears to more detailed.

Authors review of The World Axis as an Atmospheric Phenomenon

the mythological phenomenon loosely identified as the axis mundi dates back to the earliest stages of civilisation and is described by the most diverse cultures in remarkably similar terms. It can be explained by reference to a once visible entity in the sky, with a complex, evolving morphology and a possible link to the zenith or the pole. The prototype may have been the zodiacal light or, as recent insights in plasma physics indicate, an enhanced aurora formed in prehistoric times.