Electric Currents: Key to Magnetic Phenomena | Donald E Scott


Electric Currents: Key to Magnetic Phenomena by Donald E Scott is a free PDF that explores electromagnetism and explains it through the Electric Universe theory based on Plasma Cosmology.

Don Scott also explains the Electric Sun theory. Scott is also the author of one of the original and important EU theory books called The Electric Sky.

Abstract from Electric Currents: Key to Magnetic Phenomena

Including the effects of electric currents in any description of the origin, shape, or motion of cosmic magnetized plasma is crucial for understanding many observed astronomical phenomena. The Maxwell (Heaviside) equations are based on real experimental measurements.These fundamental expressions clearly link electric current densities, magnetic flux densities, and electric fields into a unified conceptual whole.

Examples are presented to demonstrate the pitfalls of omitting the contribution and effects of currents from descriptions of the behavior of magnetic fields. An example suggests a possible electrical explanation of the enigmatic cyclical reversal of magnetic polarities near sunspots and demonstrates the unique insight afforded by including the causal effects of currents.

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