Scientific Prehistory: A Sequel of Prehistory and Earth Models | Melvin A Cook

A most surprising delight of the book are photographic plates of plasma discharges created by explosive detonation. Anthony Peratt style work although not on his USA Government nuclear explosions scale and expense.

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Scientific Prehistory: A Sequel of Prehistory and Earth Models by author Melvin A Cook published in 1993.

One of the most surprising delights of the book are photographic plates of plasma discharges created by explosive detonations. These are similar to the work of Anthony Peratt, although not on his USA Government nuclear explosions scale and expense. But these images of plasma stability and instability from before 1993 must have been a rare bonus for those exploring the possibilities of plasma cosmology and catastrophes.

Scientific Prehistory book chapters

Chapter II Radiocarbon and Tree-Ring Dating
ER vs NER, Developments since PEM; Tree-ring dating; Calibrated vs Ordinary C-14 dating; Ages of Pharaohs; Zoser’s Great Architect, Imhotep (Joseph?); ER Dating before the Flood and NER Dating after The Flood.

Chapter III Geological Chronometry
Dating by U-Th-Pb; Rb-Sr and K-Ar methods wrong; Zone melting; Natural non-radiogenic and non-radioactive abundance variations; Neutron-promoted lead transformations (NPLT), the X` reaction; Physics of X` reactions;Fission chain asking of U-ThPb, Rb-Sr and K-Ar dating; Non-radiologicasl dating by salt, sedimentation, helium, radiation damage; Astronomical dating by periods of rotation, red shifts, Big Bang.

Chapter IV Dating by Galactic Cosmic Rays and the Photosphere
Purely observational dating with none of the guesswork of geological dating; age of the solar system, whole earth age; age of earth’s surface. moon rock; Simpson and Garcia-Munoz dating of “containment time” confirmed.

Chapter V Thermodynamic Equilibrium, in Galactic Cosmic Rays, and Age
Theory and equations of NTE; parameters of NTE equations; tables of computed results including age determinations; questions on calculated vs. observed relative abundances by what nuclides are observed. Comet Howard-Keemen Michels and Bearded Comet Arnedt Roland; Comparisons with Detonation Generated Plasma and implication on universal gravitation, solar wind, a trampoline effect of GCR; the Heliosphere; cosmic jets and NTE-generation of nuclides; Novae and Supernovae; Bang and Crunch vs. big bang and big crunch.

Chapter VI Mantle Convection Currents
Orowan article goes against MCC and my Letter to the Editor, Scientific America. Articles with leading geologist, Dr. Armend J. Eardley; Opposition to Eardley collaboration among local geologists; Viscosity disproves MCC; Reviews of Ice Cap Model and the “Geologic Time Mental Block;Ocean-floor fossils high up Cordillera; Age of Greenland ice cap.

Chapter VII Rock Mechanics and Earth Tectonics
National Geographic Society 16″ Globe Relief Map and Hard Rock Blasting Provide Answers. Pangaea and Continental Drift in Historical Geology; Carey’s rheid concept false; Carey terminology and modifications; Mapping Pangea; Types of brittle facture (Fig 7-8 for definitions of ITB, OITB, BTB, CTB, SB, CSB, F, FB, SZ, Sh); Distortions: plastic wave ridges,pwr; unstable shock wave (or shear) ridges, uswr; shock wave ridges, fracture and melting (swr, swf and swm); spall, crumpling or welts, mega-shear (not really shear); Photos of examples. Two OITB’s in rupture of Pangaea; Opening of Atlantic Basin; Mechanism of Continental Shifts, CS; ‘spicules’ as proof of spall ; boundaries of Pangaea; EarthGirdling Rift and Ridges, EGRR. Photos of examples,

Chapter VIII Floatation in Continental Shifts
Experiences with deep water, oil and gas wells; Fluid pressures in deep wells (normal hydrostatic, subnormal, abnormally high and geostatic); Sudden deep burial as source of abnormal, subnormal , abnormally high and geostatic pressures Hubbert and Rubey mechanism of high and low pressures and pressure gradients in deep wells; Birch criticisms and modifications leading to mechanism of continental flotation. Stacking of sediments; shortening of earth’s crust; Rheology of earth’s crust; Batholiths; up-lift sand major discontinuity-bounded sequences; blast model of some western USA uplifts; Continental Flotation.

Chapter IX Coal Chemistry and composition of different coals
Occurrence and orientation of coal beds; Coal beds from overthrusts. Overthust model of coal; Cyclothems.

Chapter X Oil and Gas
Chemistry and mechanism of formation; C-14 dating of petroleum; Geographicv and Geologic occurrence of oil and gas. Trap-reservoir relations and time of formation of oil sah domes, chalk, carbonates and reefs; Unconformity and fault traps; Conclusions;

Chapter XI Palaeomagnetism
Natural and Thermal Remnant Magnetization,NRM and TRM. They ‘melt’ at Curie temperature; NRM as a chronometer; Palaeo-magnetism and continental shift.

Chapter XII Evolution vs. Creation
Theory of Evolution described by protagonists (they are bitter toward creation); Wald’s dilemma of no mechanism for organic evolution; Weisskopf’s non-science to overcome evolution violates the second law of thermodynamics, entropy. They get around entropy only by coining new word, neg-entropy, not by any semblance of science. Macro-evolution (by man’s creations, does not establish the dogma of speciation; there is no speciation. Facts of Biblical time, fossils, sedimentation destroy historicast speciation; Natural Selection a myth; theistic evolution an irrational compromise; Theistic evolution at BYU; My poll of LDS Church Presidents:9 to 1 against organic evolution with 2 providing no way to tell.

Chapter XIII Anomaly vs. Reality Polystrate fossils
Polystrate fossils, unfossilized trees in pre-Cambrian taconite mine; The Bill Meister discovery of footprints in “trilobite beds near Delta, Utah; Cold fusion Attempted\ hoax; Earthquakes from pumping of GSL; The Einstein Myth and the Eyves Papers by Turner and Hazlett

Chapter XIV Moon Tectonics
Chemistry of Moon rock from Tranquility Base; Lunar rock dating by U-Th-Pb; Rb-Sr and K-Ar, and non-radio-genic methods; What is happening on moon surface; Reviews of my Letter to the Editor; Rare gas adsorption on moon rock; Shock wave melting from meteor impact in moon craters; Moon tectonics from large meteor impact-explosions; Photograph of ITB by Lunar OrbiterV; swm, Ro, volcanic cones, CTB’s on moon surface; Crater Orientate from Giant meteor impact with swm, uswr,wefts, and brittle fracture rays; Crater Tycho; Altai Scarp, a giant ‘bathtub; Moon far-side.