Searching for Rock Art Evidence for an Ancient Super Aurora | Peratt & Marinus Anthony van der Sluijs


Searching for Rock Art Evidence for an Ancient Super Aurora by Anthony L Peratt and Marinus Anthony van der Sluijs is a great summary of their investigation into ancient petroglyphs and their relation to a massive plasma instability seen above the south pole in ancient times – the Squatter Man, Stickman figure etc.

Our survey of rock art images over the past decade has taken us to 139 countries, where we have recorded over 4 million individual rock art images…

A tentative analysis of the data suggests that all of the mapped locations provided at least one field-of-view toward the sky over the rotational/geographic South Pole. This is not to say that all the sites were south-facing or that all the images were on south-facing surfaces, but just that all the sites allowed for the rock artist to look to the South Pole of the sky (as well as any other parts of the sky that might have been visible from that particular place).

If rock artists worldwide were interested in places where they could observe this part of the sky while producing their art, at what sort of astronomical phenomena may they have been looking?
Peratt quote from Searching for Rock Art Evidence for an Ancient Super Aurora

This free pdf is a fascinating summary of Tony’s and Rens’ research into the plasma phenomena viewed by ancient civilisations and recorded in the unique, puzzling, abstract, surreal, mysterious rock art that was petroglyphs.

These carvings, chippings, are found around the world and are very similar to each other, with slight geographical changes that fit in with the theory of a plasma z-pinch event seen from Earth.

Searching for Rock Art Evidence for an Ancient Super Aurora

View more free PDF’s on petroglyphs including the very important Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Current, Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity by Tony Peratt (squatterman, duck hat, Axis Mundi etc).

Rens (Marinus van der Sluijs) who clambered around the planet with Peratt, always going towards and then trudging up into the rocky rougher formations, always looking for patina chipped rock surfaces, has now suggested possible alternative interpretations in A Geomagnetic Approach to Traditions of Axis Mundi

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