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Cook’s work is as based on scientific ideas as far you can when incorporating basic peer reviewed parameters with a plasma twist.

Recovering the Lost World: A Saturnian Cosmology by Jno Cook is a fascinating decades long research with a “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn” opinions and conclusions. Available to buy in print or for free.

Cook’s work is as based on scientific ideas as far you can when incorporating basic peer reviewed parameters with a plasma twist. John takes no prisoners and is brutally honest about his and others constructions of the recent formation of our present solar system and a new chronology.

With normal mythology being very open to interpretation and argument imagine chucking in comparative plasma mythology? Entertainment guaranteed along with a lot of explanations and great visualisations of what it might have looked like in those skies of lore. To survive the catastropic events.

The abstract of the 2007 paper by Firestone and others reads in part: “In this paper, we provide evidence for an extra-terrestrial impact event at 12.9 thousand years ago, which we hypothesize caused abrupt environmental changes that contributed to Younger Dryas cooling, major ecological reorganization, broad-scale extinctions, and rapid human behavioral shifts at the end of the Clovis Period.”

I’ll take a check on the human behavioral shifts. I would think that any human who witnessed the crushing impact would be dead, incinerated, and reduced to a vapor. In fact, the archaeological record draws a complete blank for all of North America for the next thousand years after this date. Humans came back, apparently from Central America and the Caribbean where they survived, and first show up in the Southern United States after about 600 years.

They returned with a spear blade technology known as the Folsom point – smaller, but based on the earlier large fluted Clovis points. This is the behavioral shift. The really large and sharp detachable Clovis points were no longer needed; big animals everywhere had disappeared. The smaller Mexican buffalo had started to migrate up into the North American grasslands.
The Carolina Bays | Recovering the Lost World

Cook’s book provides a Historical Synopsis, so you can see his ideas and where the book will go.

Jno Cook’s theories have their own discussion thread – Cook’s Saturnian Cosmology – on the Thunderbolts forum.

This book is free on his site. It is free also in pdf format and if you like it buy a copy of it to encourage the authors work.

Jno Cook’s book introduction

This book presents a cosmology based entirely on the supposition that our coherent worldwide mythology is history rather than creative fiction writing in antiquity. As a result, this text is about the catastrophes experienced by Earth in remote antiquity and also in more recent times. Some have been unbelievably destructive, which has been recognized recently by archaeologists in their investigation of the event at the start of the Younger Dryas period.

The text will tell what in remote antiquity suggested to humans the idea of an afterlife, why the gods of more recent times were conceived of as real, and how phenomena experienced thousands of years ago are still reflected today in politics and religions. I will attempt to address the development of religious notions, the cultural icons of antiquity, and will attempt to make sense of the strange behavior and concerns of our ancestors.

This text will also explain the diversity of Solar System planets, and the geological features of the Earth. Lastly, the text will also tell how the length of the year changed repeatedly, and how the axial inclination of the Earth changed. What will not be suggested are alien intervention, exploding meteors, or collisions with other planets. This text is also not about religion or theology. It’s about history.

It is a history that mainstream academics do not deal with, in spite of the fact that all the information presented here is readily available, and remains within the scope of physics and accepted chronology. It simply needs to be reconstructed. That is the task I have undertaken.

Recovering the Lost World book reviews

Reviews of John Cooks theories by Planet Amnesia and SIS.

Velikovsky dated his catastrophes of the second and first millennium BC, but offered no dating for other events prior to that. Talbott offered no dating at all. Was this because nobody knew, or did they have an idea but were afraid to state it and be held to account? Or was there simply not enough information to hazard a guess? To my delight, I found that Jno Cook had taken on this challenge.

Finding ‘Recovering the Lost World’ was a tremendous breath of fresh air for me. I finally had located a resource that addressed the full history of the wayward planets, and matched it up with cultural changes on earth. Cook has incorporated much of both Velikovsky and Talbott’s reconstructions in his own presentation, plus that of numerous other researchers such as Anthony Peratt and Alfred deGrazia.
Jno Cook – ‘Recovering the Lost World’ – part I | Planet Amnesia

I don’t know what you make of this site but at http://saturniancosmology.org/other.php … the web site host takes a swipe at alternative catastrophist theories, all the while maintaining it is credible to think in terms of a Saturnian scenario. Keeping a straight face is the secret I suppose.

He begins by having a pop at Phil Burns, one of the more feet on the ground catastrophists who is apparently sceptical of reconstructions of the solar system based on mythology and reinterpretations of that mythology, which of course includes, most pertinently, the Saturnian scenario.

Okay, that gets him out of the way, no point in looking at it from a common sense angle I suppose, and he then breezes through a selection of catastrophist authors and debunks them one by one. They include Zecharia Sitchin, Planet X, von Daniken, Allan and Delair, Bauval and Gilbert, and Alfred de Grazia. The latter is something of a surprise but he chooses to take aim at one of his books, Solaria Binaria (1984) and the concept of the solar system once having a binary star

… It seems that former Velikovskians are well and truly divided and never will be brought together. Amen.
Lost World of Saturnian Cosmology | SIS

Recovering the Lost World books

On the Saturnian Cosmology site there are free version of the book in individual PDF and text (html) chapters but not as a whole book. You can also buy the full ebook version (PDF, Mobi, Epub) from the authors Saturnian Cosmology store.

You can also buy a printed book version which is split into 3 separate books and priced at $21 each:
Recovering the Lost World, Volume 1 – Introduction and Background, Established Archaeology, Mythology and Remote Antiquity
Recovering the Lost World, Volume 2 – Narratives of Ancient History, The Start of Modern History, The Parallel Mesoamerican Record
Recovering the Lost World, Volume 3 – The Parallel Mesoamerican Record, Appendixes A – P