The Rapid Electrical Formation of Stone Spherules and Concretions | Thornhill & Ransom


The Rapid Electrical Formation of Stone Spherules, the Scalability of the Results, and the Similarities of the Internal and External Structures of the Spheres with Naturally Occurring Concretions is a free PDF of the practical experimental works of CJ Ransom and Wallace Thornhill.

If everything can be scalable in plasma cosmology and universe then can a Mars blueberry, hematite spherules, Moeraki Boulders, concretions, Moqui Marbles be considered as variations of electrical plasma geology?

Introduction to The Rapid Electrical Formation of Stone Spherules

In 2004 Plasma Physicists CJ Ransom and Wal Thornhill carried out independent experiments which tested the effects of electric arcs on various minerals and sands. Along with round craters of various types, including flat-bottomed craters, electric arcs on many materials also created small spherules. These stone spheres were formed electrically not only using many types of minerals, but also using different voltages and for different durations, from 5-30 seconds. The spherules appeared on the surface, under the surface, and on the rims of craters…

Of particular interest to the authors were the small, blue 1 mm hematite spherules formed rapidly by discharging an electric arc on hematite powder. This result matched the images of the plentiful “blueberries” on the surface of Mars being returned at the time from the Red Planet by the rover Opportunity.

Dr C J Ransom has been involved from the start of the Age of Velikovsky what has turned into the Electric Universe theory. C J Ransom has expertise in plasma comparative mythology and practical electrical geology experiments in the Vemasat Laboratories, including creating Martian Blueberries.

Wallace Thornhill has helped create the EU theory and is another of the founders of

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