Laboratory Modeling of Meteorite Impact Craters by Z-pinch Plasma | CJ Ransom


Laboratory Modeling of Meteorite Impact Craters by Z-pinch Plasma by Doctor C J Ransom is a free PDf of the practical experiments into crater formation through electrical plasma discharges.

Introduction to Laboratory Modeling of Meteorite Impact Craters by Z-pinch Plasma

Laboratory modeling of meteorite impact craters has been done recently by Desai et al. and earlier in the 20th century by Ford. Based on their μm diameter crater results, Desai wrote “it seems that there is a universal scaling law governing crater formation.”Dietz suggested that a lightning bolt, which is basically a Z-pinch plasma, i.e. the current is in the z direction in a cylindrical coordinate system and the magnetic field azimuthal, might create shocked minerals near craters in a manner similar to that thought to occur from meteorite

Although Dietz mentioned only terrestrial lightning scale discharges, Alfvén indicated that laboratory results can be extrapolated over twenty orders of magnitude to include effects seen in deep space. Peratt noted that experimental plasma effects have been shown to be scalable over fourteen orders of magnitude. Others have also noted that laboratory plasma experiments may be scaled to
astrophysical phenomena

Electric Universe theory and electromagnetic geology suggest they are scalable. Does EU theory explain terrestrial and solar system craters?

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