Polygonal crater formation by electrical discharges | Wayne Burn


Polygonal crater formation by electrical discharges by Wayne Burn was published in the superbly alternative New Concepts in Global Tectonics journals.

The polygon and hexagonal shape and structure appears to be a natural energy state in formations of plasmas, from clouds to craters on planet Earth, Mars, the moon and even asteroids.

Wayne explains his thoughts on the electromagnetic processes and includes diagrams that can really help you to understand the possibilities of what might be happening with Electric Universe and perhaps plasma based geology.

NCGT journals were free but now you have to pay for them. [2020 UPDATE new versions are free again]. This PDF Volume 3, Number 2, June 2015 is free if you follow the download procedure. The article is one of many in it and is on ‘printed page number 169’ but the PDF page number will be different, around page 60.

Abstract from Polygonal crater formation by electrical discharges

Polygonal craters in the form of regular hexagons, as seen on planetary surfaces e.g. Mars, Venus and Mercury, and also on Earth’s moon and other planetary satellites, are considered to be the result of impacts by meteoritic bodies (meteorites or asteroids). Other large craters on Earth, usually described as ‘roughly circular’ or ‘lozenge shaped’ are also considered to be the result of such impacts. This paper will show that many of these craters are in fact polygonal in the form of octagons and that, by assembling a conceptual model of a lightning bolt, will demonstrate that both the underlying formation processes of a lightning bolt and its internal dynamic relationships are directly reflected in the resultant morphologies of these two specific and distinct types of polygonal crater; thus proving that they are the direct result of single lightning strikes.

Diatremes and kimberlite are considered to be formed by volcanic processes but, by applying the lightning bolt model to the Kimberley Big Hole, the model provides a more complete and satisfactory explanation of diatreme and kimberlite formation than current theories and models do. The model will also be used to show that lightning bolts are responsible not only for the formation of all meteorites, regardless of their origin, but also for the high levels of iridium found in meteorites and at the K-T boundary; thus refuting impact theory in general and the Alvarez Hypothesis in particular.

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