The Buildings of England | Nikolaus Pevsner

The Buildings of England books by Nikolaus Pevsner are a perambulation across the Counties of England with Pevsner noting ancient structures. If you are looking into the architectural history or chronology of old English churches then Pevsner’s guides are essential.

The external and internal structures are carefully described, with possible datings. These are very important for the countries of Norfolk and Suffolk, as they help with the surprising virtually non existence of civil buildings from Anglo-Saxon times combined with the missing documented history from Early Roman England to post Norman conquest and up to late Medieval period.

Sir Nikolaus Pevsner also goes into detail about the representation of mythology, pagan symbolism as portrayed in churches and their yards. He includes East Anglian mythology such as the woodwoses (Squatter Man, Peratt Instability?) figures on the fonts in the area.

The original East Anglian Pevsner’s Architectural Guides were written and published in 1960’s. These book are titled Buildings of England and split into geographical areas of North-West and South Norfolk with North-East Norfolk and Norwich, and also Suffolk.

The older used books, even the first edition paperbacks have a dustcover, are much cheaper than the modern printed versions of a Pevsner Architectural Guides. If you are into chronology revisionism then these used books might be able to help you.