Evolution of the Plasma Universe: The Formation of Systems of Galaxies | Anthony Peratt


Evolution of the Plasma Universe: The Formation of Systems of Galaxies by Anthony Peratt is a much quoted free PDF of some of Peratt’s plasma research into the plasma cosmology and how galaxies may have been formed in a plasma universe.

This is essential reading for those who are investigating or following the Electric Universe theory. Tony Peratt will tell you that plasma cosmology has nothing to do with the EU theory.

More free plasma universe and plasma mythology PDFs by Anthonoy Peratt.

Abstract from Evolution of the Plasma Universe: II The Formation of Systems of Galaxies

The model of the plasma universe, inspired by totally unexpected phenomena observed with the advent and apllication of fully three-dimensional electromagnetic particle-in-cel simulations to filamentary plasmas, consists of studying the interaction between field-aligned current-conducting, galactic-dimensioned plasma sheets or filaments (Birkeland currents).

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