Filamentation of Volcanic Plumes on the Jovian Satellite Io | Peratt & Dessler


Filamentation of Volcanic Plumes on the Jovian Satellite Io by A L Peratt and A J Dessler is a free pdf research paper into the amazing Io phenomena in a plasma universe.

Tony Peratt investigates and explains the Io electromagnetic activity through his plasma cosmology theories and NOT the Electric Universe theory. Although, of course, a lot of this is applicable or the same interpretation for the EU theory as the Electric Universe makes use of plasma cosmology.

Abstract from Filamentation of Volcanic Plumes on the Jovian Satellite Io

Volcanic plumes on the Jovian satellite Io may be a visible manifestation of a plasma-arc discharge phenomenon. The amount of power in the plasma arc (about 10 to the 11th W) is not enough to account for all the energy dissipated by the volcanoes. However, once a volcano is initiated by tidal and geologic processes, the dynamics of the volcanic plumes can be influenced by the plasma arcs.

As initially pointed out by Gold (1979), plasma arcs are expected because of 10 to the 6th A currents and 400 kV potentials generated by the flow past Io of a torus of relatively dense magnetospheric plasma. Experience with laboratory plasma arcs is utilized to investigate the plume dynamics. The filamentation in the plume of the volcano Prometheus and its cross-sectional shape is quantitatively consistent with theories developed from laboratory observation.

Anthony Peratt has a number of free research PDFs that are of interest to the Electric Universe theory including his plasma mythology work on petroglyphs (rock and cave art).

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