Paradigm Shift: Bronze Age Mythology to Electric Universe | David Avery

Paradigm Shift: Bronze Age Mythology to Electric Universe by David Avery is a free EU theory youtube video exploring deeply the subject of mythology and all that is associated with it by society and civilisations.

David Avery does not just explain plasma mythology as it was seen and experienced by ancient civilisaions but he delves into how it reflected and influenced what was happening in society and the Electric solar system at that time. Avery takes us through the changes of mythology with the Greeks, Romans etc and how our beliefs and mythology have changed, even if we do not realise they still exist. Most importantly explaining how they effect our thinking, living, society etc.

In a very easy to listen to presentation, Avery seems to sum up the works of EU mythology authors such as David Talbott, Immanuel Velikovsky, Dwardu Cardona, Alfred de Grazia etc

P2P Foundation video review

The first 25 minutes give a brilliant exposition of the deficient ‘bronze age mythology’ which still drives our behaviours, and the need to replace it with a new narrative of cosmological belonging. The rest of the video exposes a potential alternative.

Authors own video introduction

Where the narrative of story meets the dialogue of change is the sweet spot where mythologies are born. Big changes in many areas of science and society point towards a gap waiting to be filled by new ways of thinking. For these new models to become the new ”norm’ a whole new mythology must evolve.

A mythology always needs a cosmology for its base. Electric Universe theory may provide the new cosmology which makes a new mythology possible at last. This video answers questions like what really is a mythology and how does it work and change? This could be the breakthrough a lot of us have been waiting for…