Michael Steinbacher EU geology videos

Electric Universe geology videos from Michael Steinbacher that explore, explain and introduced his EU theory geological ideas on his youtube videos. Michael also had his own electromagnetic geology site. Steinbacher investigates plasma geology around his home area in the USA and also on other solar system moons and planets.

The Electric Universe theory is a newish subject with many different opinions on what did or could have happened in the past, and is happening now. EU geology theory is especially being created at the moment as we do not really know what happened. So you may not agree with all of Michael Steinbacher’s theories, for example his Are Mountains the Result of a Duning Process? (link to Thunderbolts forum discussion) is certainly an alternative idea.

Michael Steinbacher’s Valles Marineris

Sadly, with all the amazing Electric Universe geology news and data coming from all the recent space missions, Michael Steinbacher died in 2015. But his input and creation of Electric geology theories and videos will live on with his input into the Billy Yelverton videos.

As you can see with the videos below Steinbacher’s persistence and ideas about dust and accretion to form Electric geology formations could explain the Valles Marineris on Mars and perhaps other Electric Universe geology formations?