Mankind’s Purple Dawn (Saturn Configuration) | Holden & McLachlan


Mankind’s Purple Dawn is a free PDF by Theodore A Holden and Troy D McLachlan that investigates the Saturn Polar Configuration and what it was like for man to live in and through that period and the breakup of the Saturn Configuration.

This is a good, clear and simple explanation of the Saturn Theory which can be a difficult idea to initially grasp. It also explains and explores more complex theories, using great pictures and diagrams.

This PDF is a free sample from Ted Holden’s and Troy McLachlan’s book called Cosmos in Collision, that is based on Immanuel Velikovsky ideas and books (free Worlds in Collision PDF) which were then further explored by Electric Universe theory (EU theory) authors such as Dwardu Cardona, Wallace Thornhill, David Talbott, Ralph Juergens and others.

The Cosmos in Collision book also has a website where you can get a lot more information and more free chapter samples before you buy the book.

Mankind’s Purple Dawn is a good introduction, investigation and explanation of the Saturnian Theory, pulling together a lot of old Electric Universe theory ideas and more modern ideas – topics covered include mythology and Electric Stars including brown dwarfs.

It also uses recent science discoveries and theories including the latest on Herbig-Haro objects and how it could fit into the formation of our solar system and the Saturn Polar Configuration.

Proto-Saturn cosmology is also called Saturn Theory, Saturn Model, the Golden Age, Garden of Eden etc.

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