Reconciling Celestial Mechanics and Velikovskian Catastrophism | Ralph Juergens


Reconciling Celestial Mechanics and Velikovskian Catastrophism by Ralph E Juergens is a free PDF investigating the possibility of Immanuel Velikovsky’s theories in his Worlds in Collision book being explained by what has come to be known as the Electric Universe theory (EU theory).

Abstract from Reconciling Celestial Mechanics and Velikovskian Catastrophism

The interplanetary medium is capable of confining the electric fields of charged celestial bodies within space-charge sheaths of limited dimensions. This phenomenon explains the success of gravitational theory in describing and predicting orbital motions in the present, relatively stable Solar System. Disruption of space-charge sheaths during close encounters between electrified planetary bodies may account for the catastrophic electromagnetic effects observed and reported by the survivors of near-collisions in ancient times.

The known characteristics of the interplanetary medium suggest not only that the sun and the planets are electrically charged, but that the sun itself is the focus of a cosmic electric discharge – the probable source of all its radiant energy.

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