God’s Fire: Moses and the management of Exodus (free PDF) | Alfred de Grazia


God’s Fire: Moses and the management of Exodus by Alfred de Grazia is a stunning book interpreting the biblical story through an Electric Universe theory (EU theory) perspective.

Was Moses a plasma scientist? Can all the events, plaques and miracles be explained in a plasma universe and plasma cosmology?

Why do images of Moses show him with horns similar to modern Christian images of the Devil or pagan images of Pan?

The God’s Fire book really opens your eyes and minds to what could have happened, what could have been possible in an ancient Electric Universe, what was the old plasma mythology really describing?

God’s Fire is the awesome story of the most human of experiences, the birth and establishment of a great god. The Hebrew Exodus from Egypt is here viewed as a well-led, well-managed expedition, both aided and beset by horrendous natural conditions. Earth was in those days undergoing a devastating encounter with a comet.

An abundance of evidence is presented to delineate, and also integrate, the various effects of this long-drawn-out cosmic catastrophe. Emanating from the comet-Earth interaction were multitudinous electrical phenomena, accepted in principle by modern science, but hitherto incredible as history. On center-stage in this dramatic setting looms the figure of Moses, who is made understandable by the psychiatric method of the Author, but at the same time is grandiose beyond analytic language in his achievements.

A score of great inventions are shown to be of Moses, including the electric Ark of the Covenant and, the greatest of them all, Yahweh himself. God’s Fire is the literal nature of Yahweh.

Comet Siding Spring Mars Electric Delivery System

The interval before, during and after the Comet Siding Spring encounter with Mars was one of the most disturbed periods of the current solar cycle. The CME was launched from the largest sunspot group observed in the last 24 years and several additional solar flares were detected that would have impacted on Mars around this time.
Solar eruption ‘photobombed’ Mars encounter with Comet Siding Spring | Phys.org

You don’t need to believe in the religious God side but perhaps apply it to all those other worldwide bizarre folklore that make no sense in our different, perhaps much calmer but also more extreme in different features of our planet.

Another essential Electric Universe book from Alfred de Grazia and his Quantavolution series of free ebooks (PDFs).


The God’s Fire book or series of chapters in PDF form, at the moment no longer appears to be available on the Grazian Archive site.

You can download the free PDF of the first chapter of God’s Fire which investigates Plagues and Comets.

Or you can buy the printed version of Grazia’s God’s Fire book from Amazon.