God’s Fire: Moses and the management of Exodus ebook free



God's Fire: Moses and the management of Exodus free ebook (PDF) by Alfred de Grazia is a stunning book interpreting the biblical story through an Electric Universe theory (EU theory) perspective.

Was Moses a plasma scientist? Can all the events, plaques and miracles be explained in a plasma universe and plasma cosmology?

Why do images of Moses show him with horns similar to modern Christian images of the Devil or pagan images of Pan?

The God's Fire book really opens your eyes and minds to what could have happened, what could have been possible in an ancient Electric Universe, what was the old plasma mythology really describing?

Another essential Electric Universe book from Alfred de Grazia and his Quantavolution series of free ebooks (PDFs).


The God's Fire book or series of chapters in PDF form, at the moment no longer appears to be available on the Grazian Archive site. You can download the free PDF of the first chapter of God's Fire which investigates Plagues and Comets.

God's Fire FREE ebook (PDF)

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