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God’s Fire: Moses and the management of Exodus by Alfred de Grazia investigates if Biblical characters and events used electromagnetic knowledge in a plasma and Electric Universe?

Stunning book and its mesmerizing interpretations of perhaps using natures electrical powered phenomenons. In EU theory this would scale to perhaps most ancient religious and mythological figures and stories?

Quote from books (free) 1st chapter

Moses and Aaron would not have introduced their rod into the conference with Pharaoh unless they were convinced of its superiority. It was perhaps heavily magnetized; it would behave strangely in the presence of metal objects, whether on the robes of persons, or on furnishings, or perhaps unobtrusively carried by Moses and Aaron, who might have borne other magnetized or electrified objects as well. A tendency to draw to one end of itself the rods of the Egyptian scientists, as they were cast down near it, would give rise to the story that it had swallowed them.

Moses was already quite aware of the enhanced electrical excitement of the Earth in anticipation of the comet, and might well have played upon static charges on gilded draperies or clothing to let Aaron’s rod cling, and climb and spark. That Moses would have been able to produce a rod and perform such tricks better than the Egyptian scientists has to do with who Moses was. Again, we will defer this matter.

… We return now to the Comet of that winter as it approaches ominously the Earth. It is on a stretched solar orbit, counterclockwise like the Earth, and of similar speed. It is producing a number of effects, although it is months away from its apparent target. When it finally closes in for a near pass at the globe, it gives rise to the famous plagues of Egypt. These effects could occur, since the comet was very large and radiant, so long as it was within a million miles of Earth, and would be heavily experienced on both its approach and recession.

Comet Siding Spring Mars electric Universe

The interval before, during and after the Comet Siding Spring encounter with Mars was one of the most disturbed periods of the current solar cycle. The CME was launched from the largest sunspot group observed in the last 24 years and several additional solar flares were detected that would have impacted on Mars around this time.
Solar eruption ‘photobombed’ Mars encounter with Comet Siding Spring | Phys.org

You don’t have to agree with the religious aspect to appreciate the logic of what may have happened. If you can not rule out any theoretical particle or dark stuff as it could possibly in a Gravity Universe exist, then the awesomeness of the Grazia plasma Universe is even more of a possibility.

The introduction of Grazia’s book looks at Doomsday Comets with special regards to the Biblical Exodus story, early theories that evolved into proto Electric Universe, Alfred’s own Quantavolution theory and Immanuel Velikovsky’s conclusions from his books including Worlds in Collision.

You use to be able to free download the full ebook but that seems to have been removed.

You can also download all (most?) of Alfred de Grazia’s Quantavolution series PDF books for free.

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