God Star (Saturn Polar Configurations) | Dwardu Cardona

God Star book by Dwardu Cardona explores how our solar system and the ancient skies may have looked in the Saturn Configuration and proto Saturn.

Cardona’s theories and cosmology has been built on Immanuel Velikovsky mythology, early plasma cosmology, proto EU theory, Thunderbolts and modern Electric Universe.

Thunderbolts review of the book

Drawing on ancient sources and recent discoveries in the sciences, author Dwardu Cardona describes an ancient sky remembered around the world when early nations worshiped the planet Saturn as the first sun and the original supreme god.
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God Star is an expensive printed book and there was no ebook version when this was review was written. From Thunderbolts and Mikamar it was $69 plus shipping costs and from Amazon even used books seems to cost more.

There is a PDF summary of Dwardu Cardona’s Star books hypothesis.

Amazon readers reviews of Dwardu Cardona’s God Star

A number of positive reviews.

Well researched
Most interesting read, the basic premise of this book is that past astronomical events were the basis of ancient mythologies or at least those mythologies that were concurrent across geographically dispersed civilizations. Deciphering the common mythologies leads to the conclusion that the ‘heavens’ ancient man viewed was different to the current alignment of the solar system, with Saturn looming large in the ancient sky as the primordial sun.

Unlike most books in this genre, God Star is a scholarly work, if you like Velikovsky or Talbot this book is a must have.
Mr Stevan M Pavic

Recommended for the open minded.
An exclusively well written, documented material, for an educated layman and experts alike. Highly recommended reading for the intellectual mind and person whom my like to learn more, then the mainline educational box. You need a certain amount of historical, astronomical, etc, knowledge to understand the subject, presented in the book.

The first part of a radical reappraisal of human and planetary history
It is often said that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence to support them. The claims made in this book about the recent history of the Solar System are extraordinary indeed; in fact, I would go so far as to say they are quite bizarre, and to most will seem so unbelievably far-fetched that they will be instantly dismissed. And admittedly there have been many many bizarre and unbelievable theories about the Solar System. So why give this one the time of day?

Most wrong theories are quickly dismantled by critics, especially those with rival claims to promote, and disappear soon after being aired; sometimes the authors of the theories ignore their critics and publish books to make money from the gullible public. This theory, originally based on an idea in an unpublished work by Immanuel Velikovsky, on the other hand has not been disproven despite how easy it should be to do so, and it has not disappeared. In fact, over the years it has gained a growing number of supporters and now seems on the verge of acceptance in some circles.