The jets of AGN as giant coaxial cables | Gabuzda, Nagle & Roche


The jets of AGN as giant coaxial cables is an accepted scientific paper that shouts at relativistic volumes Electric Universe evidence.

No grant would ever be given for a proposed EU theory experiment. Peer reviewed research papers and theories that are related to the EU theory and plasma cosmology can not titled as such.

The EUT has to piggy back on Gravity reviewed experiments and missions – mostly about space plasma, dusty plasma, plasma filaments – while interpreting the data for an Electric Universe.

Written by by Denise Gabuzda, Matt Nagle and Naomi Roche, this is a free PDF paper.

Quote from The jets of AGN as giant coaxial cables

Context: The currents carried by the jets of active galactic nuclei (AGNs) can be probed using maps of the Faraday rotation measure (RM), since a jet current will be accompanied by a toroidal magnetic field, which will give rise to a systematic change in the RM across the jet.

Results. This new analysis has substantially increased the number of AGNs known to display transverse RM gradients that may reflect the presence of a toroidal magnetic-field component. The collected data on parsec and kiloparsec scales indicate that the current typically flows inward along the jet axis and outward in a more extended region surrounding the jet, typical to the current
structure of a co-axial cable, accompanied by a self-consistent system of nested helical magnetic fields, whose toroidal components give rise to the observed transverse Faraday rotation gradients.

Conclusions. The new results presented here make it possible for the first time to conclusively demonstrate the existence of a preferred direction for the toroidal magnetic-field components — and therefore of the currents — of AGN jets. Discerning the origin of this current–field system is of cardinal importance for understanding the physical mechanisms leading to the formation of the intrinsic jet magnetic field, which likely plays an important role in the propagation and collimation of the jets; one possibility is the action of a cosmic battery.

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