Geology By Design: Interpreting Rocks and Their Catastrophic Record | Carl Froede Jr


Geology By Design by Carl Froede Jr is a Young Earth creationism or Intelligent Design book, a geology book based on Christian and Bible teachings and beliefs.

The reason it is included here is that it naturally questions modern scientific theories, conclusions and dating. And someone bought it for me so I had the decency to read it. Question everything in an Electric Universe.

The Geology By Design book interprets geology completely different to Uniformatarism. It has to look at most geological features and processes from a catastrophism point of view, to explain the short time spans and the fact that in the Bible God likes to do a lot of smoting, fire and brimstone and incredible geological catastrophes and stuff.

If you can handle the Christiansen aspect of it, there is a lot of Hellujah and God is Great statements, then there is some interesting altenative views of catastrophe geology or things showing that perhaps standard geology theory is not correct in all things.

You can buy Geology By Design as a paperback book or as an ebook from Amazon.

Geology By Design book review by publisher

Presents and authoritative and biblical geological time-line for high school students and adults. Includes substantial illustrations, a glossary, and an extensive reference section. Clearly explains how data from volcanic deposits, seismic activity in Earth history, and even the presence of ripple marks in rock layers support the Bible as history.

From the acclaimed Creation Research Society, this technical study of rock strata, and the fossils found therein, gives a solidly scientific rationale for believing in a young earth. This advanced guide is ideal for upper-level homeschool students, college students, or anyone wishing to explore this fascinating subject in-depth and includes questions for review at the end of each chapter. Froede presents a credible geological time-line and explains the formation and existence of fossil layers in rock sediments around the world.