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The Electric Universe book by Wallace Thornhill and David Talbott is official Thunderbolts Project introducing and explaining EU theory in space.

This free ebook sample is the full introduction and first chapter of the printed book.

The whole book explains space plasma, Thunderbolts plasma cosmology and the heretical Velikovsky/Talbott inspired catastrophe mythology. They also question mainstream science and astrophysics mysteries. Why do scientists not know for certain what Gravity itself actually is?

Chapter 1 – Cosmic Quandaries
Introduction about the Authors
Cosmic Speculations
Unyielding Faith in Gravity
A New View of the Universe
The Big Bang and the ‘Expanding’ Universe
Pioneers of Plasma Cosmology – Kristian Birkeland – Irving Langmuir – Hannes Alfvén
Redshift controversy – Halton (Chip) Arp
First assumption: that redshift implies distance
A Return to Common Sense
From Speculation to Ideology
Second assumption: that gravity is sovereign – Metaphysics and Obscurantism
Gravity – Sir Isaac Newton – Albert Einstein
The Mystery of Cosmic Structure
Invisible Genies Rescue Gravitational Models
Mainstream and Electric Universe Models

The rest of paperback book investigates and explains in detail and from the EU theory point of view the subjects:
Plasma & Electricity in Space
Electric Stars
Electric Comets
Information Panels

The Electric Universe book publishers review

In Electric Universe Wallace Thornhill and David Talbott suggest that conventional astronomy gives a distorted view of the universe. The modern vision evokes a sense of lonely bodies in space—isolated galaxies, self-immolating stars drifting like dust moats in the blackness, and the clockwork solitude of planets. In challenging this idea, the authors emphasize connectivity. The electric force, they contend, influences matter at all levels, from subatomic particles to galactic clusters, leaving little room for the disconnected fragments of modern theory.

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