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Extraterrestrial Sands by author Gary Gilligan investigates the puzzling questions of what is the origin of Earths incredible amount of quartz sand, how were the vast deserts formed when the Sahara area was green and pleasant only a few 1000 years ago, and other geology mysteries that form part of the Rock Cycle that modern geology theory is based on.

Using geologies own evidence and theories Gilligan seems to quickly destroy the Rock Cycle and therefore uniformitarianism geology. If his logic and conclusions are correct then this is a surprising stunning and essential book.

After having shown how Earth's huge amounts of quartz sand could not have come from erosion of sandstone formations he then suggests a mechanism for how sand could be formed in our planets upper atmosphere and sand literally rain down and be deposited where it is found. Which would explain how come the Sahara desert seemed to turn from fields and lakes to desert very very quickly and only 3000 to 5000 years ago.

The last part of the Extraterrestrial Sands book is his explanation of the possible source of Earths sand and as the book title suggests it is not from our planet but from another planet, Mars to be precise. This part is where Gilligan's previous books on Egyptian mythology in his God King Scenario come into play.

Immanuel Velikovsky, the Thunderbolts EU theory, Alfred de Grazia and other catastrophism book theories suggest that material has fallen onto our planet from other planets in the solar system.

If you want more technical information and a detailed explanation by the author then Gary Gilligan has two guest posts Malaga Bay, one about Extraterrestrial Sands and the other about how does sand get its colour?

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Extraterrestrial Sands book reviews

Quartz sand is anywhere and everywhere imaginable on the surface of the Earth. Sand can be found on deserts like the Sahara, Arabian and Gobi deserts, and the Kalahari, Atacama and Australian deserts - but where does it all come from? The consensus opinion is that it formed over millions and millions of years through erosion of rocks. However, the Sahara and Arabia were green until five thousand years ago - even wet until 8000 years ago. Now they have sand seas, sand storms, and sand drifts. Not everywhere of course - but in deep pockets.

Gary Gilligan attempts to address the mystery of sand dune formation and offers up the idea it may have an extraterrestrial origin. We know that rocks can fall out of the sky, even gravel - but can sand have an origin outside the terrestrial sphere? It's an interesting theory as sand dunes must have formed quickly if there was a shortage of sand in the Sahara 5000 years ago.
Extraterrestrial Sands review | Society for Interdisciplinary Studies

sand originThe Sahara and Arabian Deserts Both Lack a Confirmed Origin / The Sahara Sand is Thought to be Millions of Years Old / Yet, Excavated Bones are From Water-Adapted Creatures and Human Settlements / People Just a Few Thousand Years Ago Thrived in these Regions, and they Were Wet / The Textbook Theories Struggle to Make Sense of It.

The analysis comes from Extraterrestrial Sands, by Gary Gilligan. My personal opinion is that the book is a sh*t-show of unsupported claims wrapped like a bun around a very interesting hot dog. I've left out the unsupported claims and focused on the hot dog.

Gary Gilligan seems to have figured out one very important thing, and we might as well focus on that. I think you will agree. There is a bit more coming up on this fascinating subject of sand!
The Sudden Appearance of Earth's Sand | Controversies of Science

Gary Gilligan's book preview

Quartz sand is anywhere and everywhere imaginable on the surface of the Earth. It forms the vast sandy Sahara (cover photo) and Arabian deserts. It makes up our beaches and is present in most soils. The question is: where did all the sand come from? Is it the result of billions of years of erosion from basement rock as is currently believed or could there be an alternative explanation? ‘Extraterrestrial Sands’ explores the radical idea that sand is extraterrestrial in origin.

Extraterrestrial Sands dismantles the consensus model and explores the radical idea that sand is extraterrestrial in origin. The theory states that the planet Mars entered into hundreds of catastrophic close encounters with earth during historical times. During these encounters an incandescent molten Mars internally convulsed and ejected immeasurable quantities of vaporised rock, volatiles, dust and debris out into space – a natural by-product of planetary chaos. Vast swaths of rock vapour fell to earth (along with tons of other sedimentary material) where it condensed out of the atmosphere as tiny quartz grains. In other words, it rained sand! Earth has been subjected to a number of catastrophic sand and debris ‘accretion events’ in the past few thousand years and the evidence is obvious for all to see. It reaches us in the form of Earth’s sandy deserts, beaches, dune fields and sandstone deposits.

If proven, the theory laid out in Extraterrestrial Sands has the potential to rewrite Earth’s history. A fascinating read, it will appeal to those with an interest in global and Martian geology.
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