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Quartz sand is everywhere imaginable in unimaginable amounts, think of the vast sandy Arabian and Sahara deserts.

Where did all the material come from? Are the humongous quantities of sand around Earth due to billions of years of erosion or could there be an alternative explanation?

The Extraterrestrial Sands book explores a radical idea of its origin. You can read the 1st Chapter of ETS for free.

Can you smell what the Rock cycle is cooking?

Quartz sand is anywhere and everywhere imaginable on the surface of the Earth. It forms the vast sandy Sahara and Arabian deserts. It makes up our beaches and is present in most soils.

The question is: where did all the sand come from? Is it the result of billions of years of erosion from basement rock as is currently believed or could there be an alternative explanation? The Extraterrestrial Sands book explores the radical idea that it is extraterrestrial in origin.
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quartz silicon origin for sand deserts
Infographic from controversiesofscience.com

The Sahara Desert was a vast, rich grassland with plenty of rainfall just 6,000 years ago. Then it suddenly turned into the bleak and arid desert it is today.
The Sahara Desert used to be lush and full of vegetation | International Business Times

Where did Sahara Desert sand come from

The sudden appearance of multiple deserts worth of chemical elements and stoney material just a few 1000 years ago has to be rapidly transformed and supplied from somewhere.

Extraterrestrial Sands book Gary Gilligan

Extraterrestrial Sands Gary Gilligan

Ring rain is highly contaminated with organic matter and other molecules, and hammers Saturn at thousands of kilograms per second…

The ring rain’s diverse chemical composition “was a big surprise,” because remote observations show that Saturn’s ring system, on the whole, is almost entirely water ice… Researchers aren’t sure why ring rain is so deprived of water.
Saturn’s ring rain is a surprising cocktail of chemicals | Science News

Iron Age

our finding provides important insight into the use of the term iron, quoted in relationship with the sky in Mesopotamian, Hittite, and Egyptian ancient texts: beside the hieroglyphic ‘image,’ which already existed before the XIX dynasty with a broad meaning (as mineral, metal, iron), a new composite term ‘image’, literally translated as iron of the sky, came into use in the 19th dynasty (13th C BCE) to describe all types of iron.
The meteoritic origin of Tutankhamun’s iron dagger blade | Wiley Online Library

Quartz sand Sahara Desert world

If you break any link in the supply chain of uniformitarianism’s geology Rock Cycle, then you break the circle.

Is it possible the earth is covered with debris from recent cosmic catastrophe? Could debris such as large boulders, rocks, stones, pebbles, dust and sand which are believed to be indigenous to Earth actually be extraterrestrial in origin?

Countless tons of rocks bombarded Earth’s atmosphere, fragmenting and breaking up into fine grains of sand. As it fell to Earth it covered vast areas of once-lush, green fertile land, turning it into the barren deserts we see today.
The Sahara Desert | Gary Gilligan

Sahara Desert sand rock material mythology

Electrochemistry, branch of chemistry concerned with the relation between electricity and chemical change. Many spontaneously occurring chemical reactions liberate electrical energy, and some of these reactions are used in batteries and fuel cells to produce electric power.

Conversely, electric current can be utilized to bring about many chemical reactions that do not occur spontaneously. In the process called electrolysis, electrical energy is converted directly into chemical energy, which is stored in the products of the reaction. This process is applied in refining metals, in electroplating, and in producing hydrogen and oxygen from water.

The passage of electricity through a gas generally causes chemical changes, and this subject forms a separate branch of electrochemistry.
Electrochemistry | Encyclopaedia Britannica

Hathor Cow Goddess Egyptian

Gilligan’s electromagnetic weather and geology fits in with his God King Scenario of chaos and catastrophes in the recent solar systems history. With bands of debris around planet Earth, where you could get the dusty plasma material needed for elemental rain from the heavens and our ancient skies.

quartz origin and silicon source for sandy deserts
Infographic from controversiesofscience.com

The notion that the sand originated from Egypt’s southwest corner is tenuous at best. It is based on many assumptions rather than physical evidence since there are no definitive features, no geographical characteristics that standout and lead us to believe that the sand initially flowed from ‘El-Baz’s corner.’ Added to this the fact that most dunes do not occur at the lowest parts of depressions it’s difficult to ascribe merit to El-Baz’s thesis. But if we dismiss Farouk’s thesis where does this leave us? Let me put this as succinctly as possible: Sahara desert sand provenance… UNKNOWN!

Given the quantities of sand involved this is a situation that absolutely should not exist; how can we not know? We have a geological ‘sand scar’ that can be seen from space but no confirmed origin. To all intents and purposes it looks as though vast swaths of sand have been literally dumped on top of North Africa (and the Arabian Peninsular which we will discuss next) and quite recently. Could this indeed be the case?

Is it possible scholars have got this one completely wrong and what we are looking at here is an extraterrestrial deposit – vast clouds of quartz grains that rained down and literally smothered a region that was once a sub-tropical paradise? I believe so, but before we delve into a thesis that will test even the most open-minded person, let us take a look at another vast sandy desert, the neighbouring desert of Arabia. As I will demonstrate, we have yet more vast sandy oceans of unknown origin.
Extraterrestrial Sands | Gary Gilligan quote

Sahara Desert sand origin Hathor Egyptian Goddess

Thunderbolts Wal Thornhill and Dave Talbott in a radio interview discuss this topic of rocky and sand material deluge from the solar system.

When you have an highly charged object like a comet coming towards the earth, before it strikes the earth there will be an electrical discharge between the two bodies and that discharge will usually be of sufficient magnitude to destroy the incoming object – so you end up with a shower of sand and stuff like that.

The famous Chicago fires where that whole area of the US was lit by strange fires and falls of sand and such like. And this occurred at the time of the disappearance of Biela’s comet.
The Electric Universe: Comets & Planets – Wallace Thornhill, David Talbott | Coast to Coast

Sahara Desert Sands source origin

Then we have vast surface deposits of loess and mineralogically heterogeneous sand deposits forming the world’s deserts, of mysterious origin, scattered over the continents, with no evidence of these sediments also occurring in the adjacent ocean basins. The origin for the loess and sands are guessed to be associated with ice ages, but the link is controversial and, to this writer, implausible if the mechanism is glacial grinding. Flowing ice does not erode or grind – it flows like a viscous solid much like cold treacle.

The sands are believed to be the erosion products of granitic mountain ranges, and then is it chemical erosion or mechanical attrition? Weathered granite does not yield sand. Ice cannot attrition granite to produce quartz sands that are then transported laterally by fluvial or aeolian processes.

We have vast sand and loess deposits with no obvious provenance. We also have a large number of “volcanic” features for which there are no associated eruptive deposits.
Faking History | Louis Hissink

Gary Gilligan’s God King Scenarios

The last part of Gary’s ETS paperback book investigates the implications of his dusty plasmas and the impacts of Extraterrestrial Sands with his planetary plasma God Kings and Queens of Mars and Comet Venus and other Godly phenomena observed by ancient Egyptian civilizations with awestruck Pharaohs getting it carved into their monstrous megalithic structures and Temples to Hathor etc.

“55 Cancri e” is larger than CoRoT-7b or Kepler-10b but otherwise similar: a rocky planet orbiting intensely close to its star, molten-surfaced and tidally locked. Another difference is that we’ve actually measured the temperatures on the dayside and nightside of 55 Cancri e: 2,700 kelvins on the dayside and ‘only’ 1,400 Kelvins on the nightside. The nightside temperature is right around the melting temperature of planet-forming rocks; it’s easy to imagine that side of the planet having a barely-solid surface that’s continuously sinking in patches back into the molten lava below.

55 Cancri e probably has an atmosphere of carbon dioxide and evaporated rock, which might condense into mineral clouds in the atmosphere on the nightside. In other words, it rains sand.
The Different Kinds of Exoplanets You Meet in the Milky Way | Planetary Society

Do you only need to show or prove one of the cornerstones of uniformitarianism geology is scientifically false in most accepted Peer review models to, in theory, bring a lot of the house tumbling down?

And just to confirm that the main or featured image of this article does not mean Gary Gilligan or his GKS is promoting Thunderbolts Saturn Polar Configurations. It was an example I could conjure. Mars, Mercury, Venus not Saturn.

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extraterrestrial sands book review gary gilligan

The God King Scenario books are available on the GKS website, also on Amazon Kindle and paperback.

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