Earth’s Global Electric Circuit | National Science Foundation


Frontiers of Earth System Dynamics from the National Science Foundation is a Teacher’s Guide that introduces peer reviewed ideas of an Electric Earth. This free PDF has short explanations and even explanations of Earth’s Global Electric Circuit Terms.

Introduce students to a natural system in Earth’s atmosphere commonly referred to as the Global Electric Circuit. The circuit encompasses the various phenomena in our atmosphere that influence the many pathways of electricity that flow between Earth and the atmosphere’s ionosphere: lightning, electrified clouds, cosmic rays, ions, magnetic fields, radon emanating from beneath Earth’s surface … These phenomena and more encompass a complex system of electrical circuits that scientists are just beginning to understand.

The goal of scientific researchers working to advance our basic understanding of the Global Electric Circuit is to develop a model that captures the system’s complexity and immense variability across space and time. This will allow scientists worldwide to study the system and better understand connections between Earth’s atmospheric electricity and other components of the Earth system.

It is a good beginners guide to a few of the physical processes of the Electric Universe theory that effect us.

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