The global electrical circuit | Earle Williams


The global electrical circuit: A review by Earle R. Williams explains the Electric Earth in an electromagnetic plasma solar system and Universe. His peer reviewed explanations are in a free PDF.

Summary of the natural electrical circuits of planet Earth with our Sun. Only a couple of diagrams. A serious document but a good guide for those new to the Electric Universe theory to help start exploring relevant academic evidence. It is all about the interpretation of the same data (unless algorithmic data).

The global electrical circuit is established by the naturally occurring presence of a thin veneer of insulating air (our atmosphere) sandwiched between the conductive Earth and the conductive mesosphere/ionosphere. This geometry provides for both the spherical capacitor of the DC global circuit and ionospheric potential, and the electromagnetic waveguide of the AC global circuit and Schumann resonances. This review will address both aspects, but will concentrate on the DC global circuit.

Research topics on the global electrical circuit are addressed that have received attention in recent years. These topics include the diurnal variation of the global circuit, surface measurements of electric field at high latitude, the annual variation, the semiannual variation, the role of lightning as a source for the global circuit, the electrical contribution of mesoscale convective systems, the possible effect of thunderstorms on the E and F regions of the ionosphere, the evidence for a global circuit impact from nuclear weapons tests, the controversy over long-term variations, the response to climate change, and finally the impact of the global circuit on climate.

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