Earth in Upheaval | Immanuel Velikovsky

Earth in Upheaval book by Immanuel Velikovsky is the original Electric Universe geology book that explains our planets geological features in a new way. These ideas come from Velikovsky’s Worlds In Collision book.

Another essential book to read for those who are interested in EU geology theory or alternative and interesting theories.

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Publishers review of Earth in Upheaval book

There are only a few books which – like the present one – preserve their topicality even after half a century without any changes in its text. We consider it all the more important to let the works of Immanuel Velikovsky speak for themselves and to republish them without any omissions or additions. In this way the original work with its revolutionizing contents and its unique style will be made available to the interested readers – scientists and laymen alike – and so hopefully the unbiased interdisciplinary scientific discussion about Velikovsky’s theories will be supported after being long overdue.

Authors review of Earth in Upheaval

I had intended, after piecing together the history of these earlier global upheavals, to present geological and paleontological material to support the testimony of man. But the reception of Worlds in Collision by certain scientific groups persuaded me, before reviving the pageant of earlier catastrophes, to present at least some of the evidence of the rocks, which is as insistent as that carried down to our times by written records and by word of mouth…

I present here some pages from the book of nature. I have excluded from them all references to ancient literature, traditions, and folklore; and this I have done with intent, so that careless critics cannot decry the entire work as “tales and legends.” Stones and bones are the only witness.

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