Earth in Upheaval ebook | Immanuel Velikovsky

Earth in Upheaval ebook (Kindle version) by Immanuel Velikovsky explores the geological events that have been recorded by written or verbal mythology of the ancient, not so ancient civilisations and geology.

Were massive and sometimes catastrophic events on planet Earth caused by wandering planets in our solar system?

It is certainly a controversial book which the Amazon book reviews and comments confirm. There is also a printed book version.

If you are interested in alternative thinking but based on logical steps and interpretation then this should be for you. Anyone investigating mythology, chronology or the Electric Universe theory should also read this book.

Publishers book review of Earth in Upheaval

When a book is republished after half a century at first you certainly think of antiquarian, maybe literary, or perhaps historical interest. With the books of Immanuel Velikovsky it is a different case. Their topicality and explosiveness has rather increased since their first publication – in disciplines diverse as geology, anthropology, archaeology, paleontology, astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, classical studies, Egyptology, theology, psychology and also in theory of science.

Because in all these disciplines the first publication of his books provoked controversies unprecedented in the history of science since Galileo. At the same time recent findings mainly in earth and planetary sciences have confirmed his results and conclusions in a really impressive manner.

Immanuel Velikovsky review of Earth in Upheaval

A book about the great tribulations to which the planet on which we travel was subjected in pre-historical and historical times. The pages of this book are transcripts of the testimony of mute witnesses, the rocks, in the court of celestial traffic. They testify by their own appearance and by the encased contents of dead bodies, fossilized skeletons. Myriads upon myriads of living creatures came to life on this ball of rock suspended in nothing and returned to dust.

Many died a natural death, many were killed in wars between races and species, and many were entombed alive during great paroxysms of nature in which land and sea contested in destruction. Whole tribes of fish that had filled the oceans suddenly ceased to exist; of entire species and even genera of land animals not a single survivor was left.

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