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Double Layers in Astrophysics by Hannes Alfvén is a free PDF download of the 3rd NASA symposium on plasma double layers but this one specialised in the astrophysical nature and application of double layers, dusty plasmas etc. This is a very large download file, over 13MB.

Double Layers in Astrophysics Hannes Alfvén electric circuit

This ebook includes lots of other plasma scientists of era but Alfven gave the Keynote speech and concluding remarks. For this reason it is an immensely important book for plasma cosmology and the Electric Universe theory. You will find a lot of Alfven quotes by EU/PC are based on this.

As has been pointed out many times in situ measurements in the magnetospheres and progress in laboratory plasma physics have caused a paradigm transition which means that a number of old concepts have to be abandoned and a number of new phenomena must be taken into account.

Double layers were analyzed in detail by Langmuir (1929). The development described in Section III.A demonstrated that there must be double layers in a generalized sense ( = magnetic field-aligned electric field) so the first decisive evidence for their existence in the magnetosphere dates from 1962. The real discovery of double layers in the magnetosphere is due to Gurnett (1972), but still there are only 2 out of 17 textbooks which even mention that anything like that could exist.

The critical velocity was postulated in 1942 in order to explain the band structure of the solar system. In a series of experiments especially designed to clarify this and other cosmic plasma phenomena, the critical velocity phenomenon was confirmed in the laboratory by Fahleson (1961), by Angerth et al. (1962), by Eninger (1965), and by Danielsson (1973).

The use of equivalent circuits is discussed in Alfvén and Falthämmar (1963) and further in a number of papers. Boström (1974) has given the most interesting account of their use. Still, Akasofu is the only one in the list who has understood the value of this in cosmic physics.

That parallel currents attract each other was known already at the times of Ampere. It is easy to understand that in a plasma, currents should have a tendency to collect to filaments. In 1934, it was explicitly stated by Bennett that this should lead to the formation of a pinch. The problem which led him to the discovery was that the magnetic storm producing medium (solar wind with present terminology) was not flowing out uniformly from the Sun. Hence, it was a problem in cosmic physics which led to the introduction of the pinch effect.
Double Layers in Astrophysics | Hannes Alfvén quote

Double Layers in Astrophysics Hannes Alfvén NASA plasma

Effect Of Double Layers On Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling by Robert L Lysak

Abstract: The Earth’s auroral zone contains dynamic processes occurring on scales from the length of an auroral zone field line (about 10 RE) which characterizes Alfven wave propagation to the scale of microscopic processes which occur over a few Debye lengths (less than 1 km). These processes interact in a time-dependent fashion since the current carried by the Alfven waves can excite microscopic turbulence which can in turn provide dissipation of the Alfvén wave energy.

This review will first describe the dynamic aspects of auroral current structures with emphasis on consequences for models of microscopic turbulence. In the second part of the paper a number of models of microscopic turbulence will be introduced into a large-scale model of Alfvén wave propagation to determine the effect of various models on the overall structure of auroral currents.

In particular, we will compare the effect of a double layer electric field which scales with the plasma temperature and Debye length with the effect of anomalous resistivity due to electrostatic ion cyclotron turbulence in which the electric field scales with the magnetic field strength.

It is found that the double layer model is less diffusive than in the resistive model leading to the possibility of narrow, intense current structures.
Double Layers in Astrophysics | Robert Lysak quote

Double Layers in Astrophysics Hannes Alfvén NASA magnetic substorms space celestial objects

M Azar has studied how a number of the most used textbooks in astrophysics treat important concepts like double layers, critical velocity, pinch effects and circuits. He has found that students using these textbooks remain essentially ignorant of even the existence of these, in spite of the fact that some of them have been well known for half a century [e.g., double layers (Langmuir, 1929) and pinch effect (Bennett, 1934)].

The conclusion is that astrophysics is too important to be left in the hands of the astrophysicists. The billion-dollar telescope data must be treated by scientists who are familiar with laboratory and magnetospheric physics and circuit theory, and of course with modem plasma theory. At least by volume the universe consists of more than 99 percent of plasma, and electromagnetic forces are 1039 times stronger than gravitation.
Double Layers in Astrophysics | Hannes Alfvén quote

Plasma Double Layers information

For a list of plasma Double Layer subjects covered view the 2 Table Of Contents or the simpler Agenda images. List of ebook topics by Hannes Alfvén:

Double Layers in Astrophysics Hannes Alfvén NASA

Double Layers as a Surface Phenomenon in Plasma
Noise in Double Layers
Theorectical and Experimental Approaches
Field and Particle Aspects of Plasmas
Recent Advances
Electrical Discharges in Gases
Langmuir and Plasma
The Energy Situation in Sweden and Exploding Double Layers
Extrapoloation to Relatavistic Double Layers
Frozen-In field Lines – A Pseudo-Pedagogical Concept
Magnetic Merging – A Pseudo-Science
Double Layer as a Circuit Element
Properties of the Circuit
Local Versus Global Plasma Theories
Transfer of Knowledge Between Different Plasma Regions
Auroral Circuit
Heliospheric Current
Double Radio Sources
Solar Prominence Circuit, Solar Flares
Magnetic Substorms
Currents and Double Layers in Interstellar Space
Double Layers as a New Class of Celestial Objects
X-Ray and Gamma Ray Bursts
Double Layers as a Source of Cosmic Radiation
Double Layers in Textbooks
Roederer’s Interdisciplinarification
The Roederer Syndrome
Microscale Example

Plasma Double Layers in Astrophysics Hannes Alfvén

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