diveflyfish EU geology videos

diveflyfish Electric Universe geology free videos use practical experiments to investigate and explain geology.

If you like Billy Yelverton’s plasma and Electric Geology Youtube videos then you should really like these. Especially as they explore mostly different geological areas.

diveflyfish has called one of his playlists EU PLASMA SUBSTRATE ALTERATION.

This video shows the low power (wattage) required to melt pumice into a glass like substance. Could it also turn limestone into quartz?

Raised dendritic electric effect video using plasma arc discharge. Mountains raised in the classic Lichtenberg discharge pattern?

Capacitive Inductive Discharge Substrate Alteration video does this show one possible explanation for diamond producing lamproite pipes, kimberlite pipes and other types of pipes such as breccia pipes? Or is the angle of the discharge of the transformed material just due to the experiment set up?