Cosmos in Collision: The Prehistory of our Solar System, and of Modern Man | Ted Holden & Troy McLachlan

Cosmos in Collision: The Prehistory of our Solar System, and of Modern Man by Ted Holden and Troy McLachlan – this book and ebook investigates the possible origin of man in an Electric Universe and solar system. Where did man and modern man come from?

The Cosmos in Collision book is based on the EU plus plasma cosmology theories but is not part of the Thunderbolts EU theory.

Troy McLachlan runs the Saturn Death Cult website and with fellow author Ted Holden have created the Cosmos in Collision site.

Theodore Holden has written an article called The Ganymede Hypothesis – Part 1: The Original Double Solar System which starts to explain the Cosmos in Collision book.

The youtube video below introduces part of their theory and the origin of the solar system.

Sample chapters (PDF’s) from the Cosmos in Collision book are listed below, these are direct downloads from their site:
Mankind’s Purple Dawn
The Origin of Modern Man: What Were the Requirements?
Eyes for bright worlds and for Dark Worlds

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Authors review of Cosmos in Collision book

Cosmos in Collision involves a startling claim: that the authors have pinpointed to within a statistical certainty the original home of modern humans on the largest of Jupiter’s moons, Ganymede. Hominid to human evolutionary schemes are shown to be unworkable; humans are shown to be highly maladapted to the conditions of this planet in very ancient times, implying that we could not plausibly have evolved or been created for this planet; Ganymede is shown to be the remains of what would have been a perfect world for Elaine Morgan’s “Aquatic Ape” thesis and for human habitation. By “to within a statistical certainty”, is meant that a zero probability event or probabilistic miracle would have to have occurred for anything other than what the authors are proposing, to have happened.