Cosmical Electrodynamics: Fundamental Principles | Hannes Alfvén


One of original peer reviewed research papers on plasma cosmology. Was Alfven’s work basis for Electric Universe theories, Peratt’s Plasma Universe, NASA’s Magnetic Universe may have been built on?

Cosmical Electrodynamics by Hannes Alfvén and Carl-Gunne Fälthammar is one of the original peer reviewed research papers on plasma cosmology. It may rely on magneto-hydrodynamics (MHD) which may have issues with modern Electric Universe theory and Plasma Cosmology but Alfven’s work was the basis on which Thunderbolts, Peratt’s and NASA’s electro magnetic universe may have been built on.

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Unipolar inductors occur in astrophysics where a conductor rotates through a magnetic field, for example, the movement of the highly conductive plasma in a cosmic body’s ionosphere through its magnetic field. In their book, Cosmical Electrodynamics, Hannes Alfvén and Carl-Gunne Fälthammar write:

“Since cosmical clouds of ionized gas are generally magnetized, their motion produces induced electric fields [..] For example the motion of the magnetized interplanetary plasma produces electric fields that are essential for the production of aurora and magnetic storms” [..]
“.. the rotation of a conductor in a magnetic field produces an electric field in the system at rest. This phenomenon is well known from laboratory experiments and is usually called ‘homopolar ‘ or ‘unipolar’ induction.
Unipolar inductors have been associated with the aurorae on Uranus, binary stars, black holes, galaxies, the Jupiter Io system, the Moon, the Solar Wind, sunspots, and in the Venusian magnetic tail.
Astrophysical unipolar inductors | Wikipedia

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